KFC Menu With Updated Prices Philippines 2024

Embark on a delightful culinary journey with the KFC Menu in the Philippines. From their iconic fried chicken to a variety of scrumptious side dishes, KFC offers a unique twist to satisfy your taste buds. Sink your teeth into perfectly seasoned crispy chicken pieces, featuring a secret blend of herbs and spices that guarantee a burst of flavor in every bite. Whether you prefer the classic Original Recipe or crave a spicy kick with the Spicy Flavor, KFC has options to please every palate.

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But that’s not all—the KFC Menu in the Philippines goes beyond chicken. Indulge in fluffy mashed potatoes, creamy coleslaw, hot buttered corn, and crispy fries, all crafted to elevate your dining experience. If you’re looking for something different, KFC presents exciting choices like the famous Chicken Popcorn and juicy Hotshots, ideal for quick snacking or sharing with friends. With its diverse flavors and irresistible combinations, KFC in the Philippines ensures a finger-licking experience that will leave you craving more.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Brownie Box₱ 135.00
Maple Zinger Combo₱ 209.00
Maple Zinger Meal₱ 189.00
Maple Zinger A La Carte₱ 165.00
Maple Fully Loaded Box₱ 295.00
2PC Maple Hot & Crispy A La Carte₱ 230.00
1 PC Maple Hot & Crispy A La Carte₱ 130.00
1PC Maple Hot & Crispy Meal₱ 155.00
2PC Maple Hot & Crispy Meal₱ 290.00
2PC Maple Hot & Crispy Combo₱ 305.00
1PC Maple Hot & Crispy Combo₱ 190.00
Maple Hot & Crispy Bucket Meal for 4₱ 985.00
Maple Hot & Crispy Bucket Meal for 3₱ 755.00
Bucket of 10 With Super Platter₱ 1205.00
Bucket of 8 With Fixin Super Platter₱ 879.00
Chicken Cheeseburger₱ 75.00
Bucket of 6 With Fixin Super Platter₱ 710.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker₱ 120.00
Bucket of 6 with Spaghetti platter₱ 659.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker Combo₱ 189.00
Chicken Cheeseburger Combo₱ 145.00
Twister Combo₱ 165.00
Sisig Rice Bowl Meal₱ 175.00
Zinger Combo₱ 199.00
Junior Bucket of Fries₱ 105.00
Large shots₱ 129.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal with Buttered corn₱ 179.00
1-Pc Chicken Meal With Soup₱ 175.00
Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal₱ 229.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal₱ 625.00


Maple Sloppy Shots Ala Carte₱ 199.00
Mapple Double Patty Zinger Combo₱ 275.00
Mapple Double Patty Zinger Burger₱ 230.00
Mapply Sloppy Shots Combo₱ 225.00


Maple Hot & Crispy Bucket Meal for 3₱ 755.00
Maple Hot & Crispy Bucket Meal for 4₱ 985.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal₱ 625.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal₱ 795.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Drinks and Spaghetti₱ 869.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Drinks and Spaghetti₱ 1150.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Fixins Drinks And Brownies₱ 735.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Fixins Drinks And Brownies₱ 950.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice And Drinks₱ 599.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice And Drinks₱ 729.00
Bucket of 6₱ 529.00
Bucket of 8₱ 649.00
Bucket of 10₱ 805.00
Bucket of 15₱ 1205.00
Bucket of 20₱ 1609.00
Bucket of 6 With Spaghett Platter₱ 659.00
Bucket of 6 With Fixin Super Platter₱ 710.00
Bucket of 8 With Fixin Super Platter₱ 879.00
Bucket of 10 With Super Platter₱ 1205.00


Mapple Fully Loaded Box₱ 295.00
Chicken cjops Fully Loaded Meal₱ 209.00
1-Pc Fully Loaded Meal₱ 189.00
2-Pc Fully Loaded Meal₱ 275.00
Shots Fully Loaded Meal₱ 249.00
Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal₱ 229.00


1PC Maple Hot & Crispy Ala Carte₱ 130.00
1PC Maple Hot & Crispy Combo₱ 200.00
1PC Maple Hot & Crispy Meal₱ 155.00
2PC Maple Hot & Crispy Combo₱ 305.00
2PC Maple Hot & Crispy Meal₱ 290.00
1PC Maple Hot & Crispy Ala Carte₱ 230.00
Chicken Chops Ala Carte₱ 75.00
Chicken Chops Meal₱ 105.00
Chicken Chops Combo₱ 129.00
1-Pc Chicken Meal With Soup₱ 175.00
1-Pc Chicken Meal₱ 129.00
1-Pc Chicken Meal With Fixin₱ 245.00
2-Pc Chicken Meal₱ 229.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal With Buttered Corn₱ 179.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Ala Carte₱ 119.00
1-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱ 99.00
2-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱ 199.00
1-Pc Chicken Meal With Mashed Potato₱ 175.00


Ala King Rice Bowl Meal₱ 175.00
Sisig Rice Bowl Meal₱ 175.00
Spaghetti Super Platter₱ 179.00
1-Pc Chicken Spaghetti Meal₱ 195.00
Ala King Rice Bowl₱ 135.00
Sisig Rice Bowl₱ 135.00
Spaghetti₱ 65.00


Large Shots Combo₱ 185.00
Shots Combo₱ 129.00
Famous Bowl Super Platter₱ 289.00
Famous Bowl Meal₱ 89.00
Regular Shots₱ 79.00
Large shots₱ 129.00
Famous Bowl₱ 75.00


Maple Zinger Ala Carte₱ 165.00
Maple Zinger Meal₱ 189.00
Maple Zinger Combo₱ 209.00
Chicken Cheeseburger₱ 75.00
Chicken Cheeseburger Combo₱ 145.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker₱ 120.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker Combo₱ 189.00
Zinger Combo₱ 199.00
Zinger₱ 155.00
Twister Combo₱ 165.00
California Maki Twister₱ 120.00


Extra Maple Hot Sauce₱ 45.00
Fixin Platter₱ 245.00
Fixins₱ 50.00
Junior Bucket of Fries₱ 105.00
Extra Garlic Rice₱ 45.00
Extra Rice₱ 39.00
Mushroom Soup₱ 50.00
Regular Gravy₱ 29.00
Large Gravy₱ 39.00


Brownie Box₱ 135.00
Sundae₱ 50.00
Iced Black Coffee₱ 55.00
Creamy Iced Coffee₱ 65.00
Unsweetened Iced Tea₱ 69.00
Soda₱ 55.00
Brownie₱ 35.00
Coke Float₱ 55.00
Coke Zero Float₱ 55.00
Royal Float₱ 55.00
Sprite Float₱ 55.00


Here is the list of top selling items at this restaurant:

  • Original Recipe Fried Chicken: KFC’s flagship item, featuring juicy chicken pieces marinated with a secret blend of herbs and spices, then fried to golden perfection. It’s a timeless classic that offers a delicious combination of crispy coating and tender meat, making it a beloved favorite.
  • Zinger Burger: A fiery and flavorful chicken sandwich that packs a punch with its spicy fillet, tangy mayo, lettuce, and soft bun. The Zinger Burger is a popular choice for those seeking a zesty kick and a satisfying meal on the go.
  • Fully Loaded Meal: A hearty combination meal that includes a generous serving of Original Recipe or Spicy fried chicken, paired with steaming hot rice, creamy mashed potatoes, buttered corn, and a refreshing drink. It offers a complete and fulfilling dining experience with a variety of tasty components.
  • Twister Wrap: A delightful handheld treat that features a soft tortilla wrapped around a succulent chicken strip, fresh lettuce, and zesty sauce. The Twister Wrap is a convenient and flavorful option, perfect for those looking for a lighter meal option without compromising on taste.
  • Hot Shots: Bite-sized pieces of tender chicken, seasoned with a signature blend of spices and served with a dipping sauce. Hot Shots are a popular choice for snacking or sharing, offering a burst of flavor and a satisfying crunch in every bite.


  • Jollibee: A beloved Filipino fast-food chain, Jollibee offers a variety of tasty fried chicken meals, along with a selection of flavorful sauces and classic Filipino dishes, providing a unique local twist to the fried chicken experience.
  • 8 CUTS: Customize your ultimate burger creation at 8 CUTS Menu, where a wide range of premium toppings, sauces, cheese & Biscuit & Pancake options are available to build the perfect burger tailored to your taste and preferences.
  • Mang Inasal: Known for their deliciously grilled chicken, Mang Inasal offers a distinct dining experience with their signature chicken inasal, served with unlimited rice and a choice of flavorful sauces, satisfying the cravings of chicken lovers.
  • Bonchon: Specializing in Korean-style fried chicken, Bonchon offers crispy and flavorful chicken dishes, coated in their signature sauces, alongside a variety of Korean-inspired sides, giving a flavorful twist to the fried chicken experience.
  • SHAKEY’S: A casual dining chain, SHAKEY’S Menu serves up a range of American-Mexican fusion dishes, including their popular Freedom Fried Chicken, which combines a crispy coating with juicy and tender chicken, providing a satisfying alternative to KFC.
  • Max’s Restaurant: A long-standing Filipino institution, Max’s Restaurant is famous for their crispy fried chicken, served with traditional Filipino sides and sauces, delivering a taste of Filipino home-cooked goodness.



Here are different Locations of the restaurant:

  • Manila: As the capital city, Manila boasts numerous KFC branches throughout its various districts, including popular areas like Quezon City, Makati, and Pasay.
  • Cebu City: Located in the central part of the Philippines, Cebu City features multiple KFC outlets, particularly in bustling areas such as Ayala Center and SM City Cebu.
  • Davao City: The largest city in Mindanao, Davao City offers several KFC branches where locals and tourists can enjoy their favorite fried chicken and other menu items.
  • Quezon City: Known as one of the most populous cities in Metro Manila, Quezon City is home to several KFC restaurants, particularly in popular shopping centers like SM North EDSA and Trinoma Mall.
  • Baguio City: Located in the mountainous region of Luzon, Baguio City offers KFC branches where visitors can savor their favorite meals amidst the cool climate and scenic surroundings.
  • Bacolod City: Recognized as the “City of Smiles” in the Western Visayas region, Bacolod City features KFC outlets where locals and tourists can enjoy the signature fried chicken and other delectable menu offerings.


  • 02-88-87-88-88.
  • 887-8888


KFC Philippines offers various career opportunities within their restaurant. Here are a few job titles and a brief description of each:

  • Crew Member: As a frontline representative, crew members handle various tasks, including taking customer orders, preparing food, and ensuring a clean and welcoming dining environment. They play a vital role in delivering excellent customer service and maintaining operational efficiency.
  • Shift Supervisor: Shift supervisors are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the restaurant during their designated shifts. They manage and motivate the crew members, ensure adherence to company standards and procedures, and assist in resolving any customer concerns that may arise.
  • Cook: Cooks at KFC are skilled in preparing and cooking the signature fried chicken and other menu items. They follow precise recipes, maintain food quality and safety standards, and contribute to the efficient flow of the kitchen operations.
  • Cashier: Cashiers handle the financial transactions at the front counter, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in processing customer payments. They also provide friendly and prompt service while maintaining a clean and organized cashier station.
  • Restaurant Manager: Restaurant managers oversee all aspects of the restaurant’s operations, including staff management, customer service, inventory control, and financial performance. They provide leadership, training, and guidance to the team, ensuring smooth operations and a positive dining experience.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Marketing coordinators assist in planning and implementing marketing campaigns and initiatives to promote the restaurant and drive customer engagement. They collaborate with internal teams and external partners to execute strategies, manage social media platforms, and analyze marketing performance.


KFC in the Philippines occasionally offers discount coupons to provide customers with special deals and savings on their meals. These coupons typically come in the form of printable or digital vouchers that can be presented at the restaurant during the time of purchase. Here’s a brief description of discount coupons at KFC:

  • Meal Discounts: KFC discount coupons often feature meal-specific discounts, allowing customers to enjoy reduced prices on popular meal combinations. These coupons may include discounts on individual meals, such as a combo of fried chicken, sides, and a drink, or even special promotions for family-sized meals.
  • Combo Upgrades: Some discount coupons at KFC offer combo upgrades, giving customers the opportunity to upgrade their meal with additional sides or drinks at a discounted price. This allows for a more customized and satisfying dining experience while still enjoying savings.
  • Free Add-ons: KFC coupons may also provide free add-ons to enhance the value of the meal. These add-ons can include extra sides, desserts, or beverages, allowing customers to enjoy a more complete and enjoyable dining experience without incurring additional costs.
  • Value Meals: Discount coupons may feature exclusive value meals that offer a combination of popular menu items at a discounted price. These value meals are designed to provide customers with a satisfying meal option while saving money.


To locate the nearest KFC restaurant, you can visit the official KFC website or use the KFC mobile app, which provides a store locator feature. You can input your location, and it will display the nearest KFC branches along with their addresses and contact information.

KFC restaurants in the Philippines typically operate from morning until late evening. However, the exact operating hours may vary depending on the specific location and local regulations. It’s recommended to check the operating hours of your preferred KFC branch using the store locator on the official website or by contacting the specific restaurant directly.

While KFC primarily specializes in chicken-based offerings, they do offer a few vegetarian options, such as their Veggie Burger and Veggie Shots. However, it’s important to note that these options may vary in availability at different locations. Additionally, for individuals following a vegan diet, there may be limited options, as most items contain dairy or egg-based ingredients.

Yes, KFC in the Philippines offers online ordering for delivery and takeout through their official website or mobile app. You can browse the menu, select your desired items, customize your order, and choose either delivery or self-pickup options, depending on availability in your area.

Yes, KFC in the Philippines accepts cashless payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets like GCash or PayMaya. However, it’s advisable to check with the specific restaurant or their website for the accepted payment options, as they may vary depending on the location or online ordering platform used.


NO. KFC Philippines is not Halal Certified. From time to time they offer different pork dishes, other than that their sides or sauces do not contain any pork or lard.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of KFC Menu Philippines.

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