Chowking Menu With Updated Prices Philippines 2024

Discover an Exquisite Culinary Journey with Chowking’s Menu in the Philippines. From the bustling streets of Manila to the vibrant towns of Cebu, Chowking has become a household name synonymous with delectable Chinese-Filipino cuisine. Embark on a tantalizing adventure as you explore their menu, a delightful fusion of bold flavors and comforting classics. Whether you’re craving savory dim sum, sizzling noodle bowls, or their iconic Chao Fan fried rice, each dish reflects a harmonious blend of Philippine and Chinese culinary traditions. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Chowking’s menu is not just a meal; it’s a celebration of diverse tastes that will leave your palate longing for more.

Indulge in a Gastronomic Symphony at Chowking, Unveiling the Best of Filipino-Chinese Fusion. Nestled amidst the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Philippines, Chowking’s menu is a symphony of flavors that captures the essence of both nations. From the iconic Lauriat meals that bring together various textures and tastes, to the heartwarming noodle soups that offer comfort in every spoonful, every dish at Chowking is a masterpiece. As you savor their succulent Siopao and sip on their signature Halo-Halo dessert, you’re not just savoring food; you’re embracing a culinary narrative that intertwines heritage and innovation. Elevate your dining experience with Chowking’s rich history and exceptional flavors, where each bite takes you on a savory journey through the heart of the Philippines.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Summer Chow Treats Combo 1From ₱ 517.00
Summer Chow Treats Combo 2From ₱ 517.00
Summer Chow Treats Combo 1BFrom ₱ 539.00
Summer Chow Treats Combo 2BFrom ₱ 539.00


Siapao with Milksha BundleFrom ₱ 161.00
4pc Steamed Pork Siomai with Milksha BundleFrom ₱ 173.00
Pancit Canton with Milksha BundleFrom ₱ 189.00
Dimsum Chao Fan with Milksha BundleFrom ₱ 215.00
Fried Chicken Lauriat with Milksha BundleFrom ₱ 313.00
Sweet & Sour Pork Lauriat with MilkshaFrom ₱ 335.00
Honey Pearl Black Tea LatteFrom ₱ 130.00
Black tea Latte with PuddingFrom ₱ 130.00
Valrhona Cocoa Milk With Honey PearlsFrom ₱ 162.00
Valrhona Cocoa Milk with PuddingFrom ₱ 162.00
Signature Taro MilkFrom ₱ 146.00
Wintermelon LemonFrom ₱ 119.00


Breakfast Siomai Chao Fan139.00
Breakfast Siomai Spicy Chao Fan161.00
Breakfast Pork Chao Fan86.00
Breakfast Spicy Chao Fan124.00
Breakfast Siomai Beef Chao Fan173.00
Breakfast Beef Chao Fan129.00


6pc Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 538.00
8pc Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 684.00
4pc Chicken-Chao Fan Family Bundle₱ 591.00
4pc Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 384.00
Fried Chicken-Pancit Family Bundle₱ 801.00


Pork Chao Fan with Drink₱ 86.00
Siomai Chao Fan with Drink₱ 135.00
Beef Chao Fan with Drink₱ 123.00
Siomai Beef Chao Fan with Drink₱ 180.00
Pork Chao Fan₱ 59.00
Siomai Chao Fan₱ 116.00
Beef Chao Fan₱ 104.00
Siomai Beef Chao Fan₱ 152.00


6pc Chinese Style Fried ChickenFrom ₱ 497.00
8pc Chinese Style Fried ChickenFrom ₱ 632.00
4pc Chicken Chao Flat Platter BundleFrom ₱ 545.00
4pc Chicken Spicy Chao Fan Family BundleFrom ₱ 567.00
4pc Chicken Beef Chao Fan Platter BundleFrom ₱ 637.00
4pc Chinese Style Fried Chicken Family BoxFrom ₱ 346.00
Family Lauriat Set A Good for 3From ₱ 637.00
Family Lauriat Set B Good for 4From ₱ 961.00
Fried Chicken-Pancit Family PlatterFrom ₱ 740.00
Chinese Style Fried Chicken LauriatFrom ₱ 205.00
1 pc Chinese Style Fried ChickenFrom ₱ 96.00
2 pc Chinese Style Fried ChickenFrom ₱ 284.00
Pork Chao Fan with Fried ChickenFrom ₱ 146.00
Spicy Chao Fan with Fried ChickenFrom ₱ 167.00
Beef Chao Fan with Fried ChickenFrom ₱ 189.00


Wonton Mami with Asado SiopaoFrom ₱ 145.00
Wonton MamiFrom ₱ 92.00
Beef MamiFrom ₱ 184.00
Beef Wonton MamiFrom ₱ 200.00
Pancit CantonFrom ₱ 81.00
Pancit Canton with 1pc Chinese Style Fried Chicken with DrinksFrom ₱ 189.00


Chunky Asado SiopaoFrom ₱ 53.00
3pc Siopao BoxFrom ₱ 157.00
Bola-bola Siopao SupremeFrom ₱ 75.00
2pc SiomaiFrom ₱ 43.00
4pc SiomaiFrom ₱ 65.00
4pc Lumpiang ShanghaiFrom ₱ 70.00


Chick ‘n SAuce Lauriat with Drink₱ 269.00
Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat with Drink₱ 240.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken Lauriat with Drink₱ 269.00
Chick ‘n Sauce Lauriat₱ 246.00
Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat₱ 222.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken Lauriat₱ 246.00


Chick ‘n Sauce with Drink₱ 193.00
Chinese Style Fried Chicken with Drink₱ 123.00
Pork Chao Fan with Fried Chicken and Drink₱ 186.00
Chinese-Style Fried Chicken with Drink₱ 216.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Meal with Drink₱ 104.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Drink₱ 193.00
Beef Chao Fan with Fried Chicken and Drink₱ 222.00
Chinese Style Fried Chicken with 2pcs Buchi with Drink₱ 181.00
Chick ‘n Sauce₱ 180.00
Chinese-Style Fried Chicken with 3 pcs Steamed Siomai and Buchi₱ 168.00
Chinese Style Fried Chicken₱ 104.00
Chinese Style Fried Chicken₱ 199.00
Sweet and Sour Pork₱ 180.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Meal₱ 81.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken₱ 180.00
Pork Chao Fan with Fried Chicken₱ 205.00


Coke/ Pepsi64.00
Coke Zero/ Pepsi Black64.00
Sprite/ 7Up64.00
Chowking Pearl Milk Tea92.00
Iced Tea64.00
Coke 1 Liter86.00
Pineapple Juice64.00
Brewed Coffee43.00
Mug Root Beer64.00
Mountain Dew64.00


Siomai Chao Fan₱ 116.00
Siomai Chao Fan with Drink₱ 135.00
Pork Chao Fan with Fried Chicken₱ 104.00


  • Chowking Chao Fan: Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors with Chowking’s signature Chao Fan fried rice. This delectable dish combines fragrant rice, savory meats, and a medley of vegetables, creating a harmonious blend that’s both satisfying and irresistible.
  • Savory Lauriat Meals: Elevate your dining experience with Chowking’s Lauriat meals, a feast that celebrates variety and taste. Indulge in succulent Chinese-style fried chicken or tender beef, served with an array of mouthwatering sides, from spring rolls to flavorful pancit canton.
  • Siopao Asado: Delight in the steamed goodness of Siopao Asado, a soft and fluffy bun filled with savory shredded pork that’s been marinated to perfection. This comforting snack is a staple on Chowking’s menu, offering a delightful combination of textures and flavors.
  • Halo-Halo Supreme: Cool down and indulge in the Philippines’ favorite dessert – Halo-Halo. Chowking takes this icy treat to the next level with their Halo-Halo Supreme, featuring a delightful medley of sweet ingredients, from jackfruit to sweet potato, all crowned with a scoop of creamy ice cream.
  • Classic Pancit Canton: Experience the Filipino-Chinese fusion at its finest with the Classic Pancit Canton. This stir-fried noodle dish boasts a colorful mix of vegetables, succulent pieces of meat, and chewy egg noodles, all stir-fried to perfection.


  • Hap Chan: The Hap Chan Menu embraces the spicy and savory flavors of this classic Sichuan dish, featuring tofu and minced meat in a rich sauce.
  • Jollibee: Experience the Philippines’ beloved fast-food icon, Jollibee, where crispy Chickenjoy and sweet-style spaghetti create a unique fusion of flavors that captures the nation’s heart.
  • Mang Inasal: Indulge in mouthwatering grilled chicken and unlimited rice at Mang Inasal, where the aroma of barbecued goodness fills the air, offering a taste of traditional Filipino comfort food.
  • Greenwich Pizza: Savor delectable pizza and pasta at Greenwich, where zesty tomato sauces and generous toppings come together in a satisfying symphony of flavors.
  • Max’s Restaurant: Embark on a culinary journey at Max’s, the home of Filipino-style fried chicken, where every bite of their “Sarap-To-The-Bones” chicken is a celebration of family and tradition.
  • Chooks-to-Go: Relish the succulent roasted goodness of Chooks-to-Go’s flavorful chicken, cooked to perfection and ready to satisfy your cravings on the go.
  • Ippudo: The Ippudo Menu delights in the vibrant and colorful assortment of sashimi, seafood, and vegetables served over a bed of sushi rice.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in the Philippines:

  • Metro Manila: Explore multiple Chowking branches across Metro Manila, from bustling districts like Makati and Quezon City to more suburban areas.
  • Cebu City: Indulge in Chowking’s delectable menu items in Cebu City, where you can savor Chinese-Filipino flavors amidst the vibrant local culture.
  • Davao City: Experience the fusion of tastes at Chowking outlets in Davao City, offering a mix of savory and sweet dishes that cater to diverse palates.
  • Angeles City, Pampanga: Enjoy the mouthwatering delights of Chowking in Angeles City, Pampanga, a region known for its culinary heritage.
  • Cagayan de Oro: Find a taste of China and the Philippines in every dish at Chowking branches in Cagayan de Oro, blending cultural influences seamlessly.
  • Iloilo City: Delight in the iconic Chowking Chao Fan and other menu items at their outlets in Iloilo City, a hub of history and gastronomy.
  • Baguio City: Whether it’s a sunny day or a chilly evening in Baguio City, Chowking offers a comforting selection of dishes to suit any craving.
  • Bacolod City: Explore the unique flavors of Chowking’s menu in Bacolod City, where you can relish the fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisine.
  • Zamboanga City: Embrace the culinary diversity of Chowking in Zamboanga City, known for its array of seafood-infused Filipino dishes.
  • General Santos City: Satisfy your hunger with Chowking’s diverse offerings in General Santos City, a gateway to some of the Philippines’ best seafood.


  • Contact: 0998 426 9228
  • Contact: 0998 598 3023
  • Contact: (049) 503 6011


Certainly, here are some career opportunities within a restaurant like Chowking, along with brief descriptions for each job title:

  • Restaurant Manager: As a Restaurant Manager, you’ll oversee daily operations, manage staff, ensure customer satisfaction, and uphold the restaurant’s standards. Your leadership skills will be crucial in maintaining a smoothly running establishment and achieving business goals.
  • Chef/Cook: Chefs and cooks are responsible for preparing and cooking a variety of dishes on Chowking’s menu. From mastering the art of wok cooking to crafting delicious sauces, your culinary skills will play a pivotal role in delivering consistent and appetizing meals.
  • Cashier: Cashiers handle customer orders, payments, and provide exceptional service at the front counter. Your efficiency and friendly demeanor will contribute to a positive dining experience for guests.
  • Kitchen Staff: Kitchen staff assist in food preparation, ensuring ingredients are properly prepped and ready for cooking. Your attention to detail and teamwork will help maintain the flow of the kitchen and the quality of dishes.
  • Waiter/Waitress: Waitstaff take orders, serve food, and attend to customers’ needs in the dining area. Your excellent communication skills and attentiveness will create a welcoming atmosphere for guests.
  • Delivery Driver: Delivery drivers ensure that Chowking’s dishes reach customers’ doorsteps promptly and in excellent condition. Your timely deliveries and customer service skills contribute to the convenience of Chowking’s takeout and delivery services.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Marketing coordinators develop and execute marketing campaigns, promotions, and social media strategies to attract customers. Your creativity and understanding of customer preferences will help boost the restaurant’s visibility and popularity.
  • Human Resources Specialist: Human resources specialists handle recruitment, training, and employee relations. Your role ensures a motivated and skilled workforce, contributing to the overall success of the restaurant.
  • Maintenance Technician: Maintenance technicians handle repairs and upkeep of the restaurant’s facilities and equipment. Your technical skills and attention to detail keep the restaurant running smoothly and ensure a safe environment.
  • Accountant: Accountants manage the restaurant’s financial records, budgeting, and financial analysis. Your expertise ensures proper financial management and contributes to the restaurant’s profitability.
  • Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives handle inquiries, feedback, and complaints from customers. Your patience and problem-solving skills ensure customer satisfaction and help build a loyal customer base.


Discount Coupons at Chowking: Enhancing Your Dining Experience

Chowking understands the importance of providing value to its customers, and one way it achieves this is through its enticing discount coupons. These coupons offer a fantastic opportunity for diners to enjoy their favorite Chinese-Filipino dishes at more affordable prices. Here are some key points to know about Chowking’s discount coupons:

  • Savings on Signature Dishes: Chowking’s discount coupons often feature savings on its signature dishes, allowing customers to relish their Chao Fan, Lauriat meals, Siopao, and other favorites without stretching their budgets.
  • Variety of Offerings: The restaurant’s coupons cover a diverse range of menu items, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of noodles, rice meals, or snacks, there’s likely a coupon tailored to your craving.
  • Online and Offline Availability: Chowking offers the convenience of both online and offline channels to access its discount coupons. You can find them on the official website, mobile app, social media platforms, and sometimes even in print flyers or newspapers.
  • Special Promotions and Events: Chowking frequently introduces special promotions and events where customers can unlock exclusive discount coupons. These could be tied to celebrations, holidays, or new menu launches, adding an element of excitement to your dining experience.
  • Easy Redemption Process: Redeeming Chowking’s discount coupons is straightforward. Present the coupon code or physical coupon to the cashier or include it when placing an online order to enjoy the discounted rate.
  • Terms and Conditions: Like any promotion, Chowking’s discount coupons come with terms and conditions. These may include validity periods, specific items covered, dine-in or takeout options, and limitations on combining offers.
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards: Chowking may also offer loyalty programs where regular customers can accumulate points with each purchase, eventually leading to exclusive discounts and rewards.
  • Enhanced Affordability: With these discount coupons, diners can indulge in their favorite Chowking meals more frequently or try out new dishes without worrying about the price tag.

Chowking Philippines, founded in 1985, has become one of the most popular fast-food chains in the country, specializing in Chinese-Filipino cuisine. Its history can be traced through several key milestones:

Founding (1985): Entrepreneur Robert F. Kuan established Chowking with the aim of offering affordable, tasty Chinese food adapted to suit the Filipino palate. The name “Chowking” is a combination of the words “chow” (meaning food) and “king” (implying the high quality of their food).

Rapid expansion (late 1980s-1990s): Thanks to its unique offerings and successful marketing strategies, Chowking quickly gained popularity in the Philippines. The company expanded its reach by opening new branches across the country. By the mid-1990s, Chowking had established over 100 stores.

Acquisition by Jollibee Foods Corporation (2000): Chowking’s remarkable growth caught the attention of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the largest fast-food company in the Philippines. In 2000, JFC acquired Chowking, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporation. This strategic move allowed Chowking to benefit from JFC’s resources and expertise, further fueling its growth.

International expansion: After its domestic success, Chowking ventured into international markets, opening branches in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Qatar. This expansion helped introduce Filipino-style Chinese cuisine to a broader global audience.

Continued growth and innovation (2000s-present): Chowking continues to develop and introduce new menu items that cater to Filipino taste preferences while maintaining its Chinese culinary roots. The company has also embraced modern marketing techniques, such as digital advertising and social media promotions, to stay relevant and appeal to a wider customer base.

Today, Chowking has over 600 branches in the Philippines and has become a household name when it comes to Chinese-Filipino fast food. The company’s success is a testament to its ability to adapt and innovate while staying true to its original vision of providing affordable, de


Answer: Chowking offers a delightful fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisine. You can enjoy a variety of dishes that combine the flavors and cooking techniques of both cultures, creating a unique and delicious dining experience.

Answer: Yes, Chowking offers a selection of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. From vegetable stir-fries to tofu-based dishes, there are choices available for those looking for meat-free alternatives.

Answer: Absolutely! Chowking provides convenient options for both delivery and takeout. You can place your order online through their website or app, or you can visit a nearby Chowking branch to enjoy your favorite dishes at home.

Answer: Yes, Chowking often runs special promotions and offers loyalty programs. These may include discounts, exclusive deals, and points accumulation for regular customers, allowing them to enjoy savings and rewards with each visit.

Answer: You can easily locate a Chowking restaurant near you using their official website or mobile app. They typically provide a “Store Locator” feature where you can input your location to find the nearest branches along with their addresses, contact information, and operating hours.


NO. Chowking Philippines is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Chowking Philippines.

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