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Welcome to Dulcinea, the ultimate culinary destination in the Philippines! Our menu combines traditional and modern flavors to create a unique dining experience. We source the freshest ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, ensuring authentic Filipino flavors in every dish. From savory tapas to grilled meats and indulgent desserts, our menu caters to all tastes and preferences. Step into our vibrant restaurant, where passion for food and exceptional service converge.

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Discover the essence of Filipino cuisine at Dulcinea. Our menu showcases a rich tapestry of flavors, from classic favorites to innovative creations. Expert chefs craft each dish with creativity and expertise, resulting in an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Indulge in signature dishes like Callos Madrileña, Churros con Chocolate, and savory Paella Valenciana. At Dulcinea, we celebrate Filipino culinary excellence with quality and authenticity in every bite. Join us for a memorable dining experience that captures the true essence of Filipino cuisine.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Arroz Con chorizo₱ 240.00
Arroz a la Cubana₱ 285.00
Galantina₱ 290.00
Spanish Sausage and Eggs₱ 285.00
Chicken Pork Adobo₱ 285.00
Corned Beef₱ 285.00
Boneless Bangus a la Porbre₱ 295.00
Beef Tapa₱ 285.00
Spanish Sardines₱ 285.00
Tortilla Riojana₱ 399.00
Longganisa₱ 290.00


Paella Valenciana₱ 695.00
Paella Marinera₱ 695.00
Paella Negra₱ 695.00
Paella de Verdyras₱ 670.00
Salpicao₱ 435.00
Crackling Pork Belly₱ 475.00
Gypsy Steak₱ 425.00
Lengua Estofado₱ 465.00


Carbonara₱ 289.00
Creamy Salmon Pasta₱ 310.00
Pesto₱ 294.00
Pasta Marinara₱ 357.00
Pasta Putanesca₱ 300.00
Shrimp Pasta₱ 325.00
Bolognese₱ 289.00
Baked Spaghetti₱ 289.00
Bakde Macaroni₱ 289.00


Cheese Burger₱ 215.00
Chicken Sandwich₱ 215.00
Clubhouse₱ 265.00
Tuna Mayo₱ 215.00
Angus Beef₱ 230.00


Salmon al Ajillo₱ 1130.00
Beef Salpicao₱ 7858.00
Roast Pork Loin₱ 595.00
Porke Belly₱ 860.00
Pollo Al Pobre₱ 595.00


Tuhod Y Batoc₱ 540.00
Oxtail Casserole₱ 540.00
Callos Ala Madrillena₱ 495.00
Fabada Asturiana₱ 415.00


Pollo ala King₱ 310.00
Chicken in Almond Saffron Sauce₱ 405.00
Pollo ala Pobre₱ 415.00
Pollo Rollo₱ 440.00
Pescados₱ 645.00
Salmon al Ajillo₱ 645.00
Zarzuela de Mariscos₱ 450.00


Baked Mussels₱ 310.00
Chorizo Bllbao₱ 265.00
Baby Squid Calamari₱ 325.00
Gambas Al Ajillo₱ 325.00


Soup of the Day₱ 120.00
Crema de Ajo₱ 155.00
Crema de Calabaza₱ 160.00
Sopa de Marisocs₱ 195.00


Cream Puff₱ 50.00
Madrileno₱ 55.00
Silvanas₱ 65.00
Tiras/Manga₱ 95.00
Moritos₱ 45.00
Borrachos₱ 55.00
Egg Tart₱ 42.00


  • Churros con Chocolate: Our famous Spanish-style churros are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, served with a rich and velvety chocolate dipping sauce. Indulge in this classic treat that perfectly combines sweetness and crunch.
  • Paella Valenciana: Experience the flavors of Spain with our delectable Paella Valenciana. This traditional dish features saffron-infused rice cooked to perfection, combined with an assortment of succulent seafood, tender chicken, and flavorful chorizo. Every bite is a burst of savory goodness.
  • Lengua Estofado: Prepare your taste buds for a melt-in-your-mouth experience with our Lengua Estofado. Tender ox tongue is braised in a flavorful tomato-based sauce until it becomes incredibly tender and infused with rich flavors. This hearty dish is a true delight for meat lovers.
  • Pollo al Ajillo: Our Pollo al Ajillo is a must-try for chicken enthusiasts. Succulent chicken pieces are marinated in a garlic-infused sauce and pan-fried to perfection, resulting in tender, juicy meat with a delightful garlicky aroma.
  • Callos Madrileña: Savor the taste of Spain with our Callos Madrileña. This hearty stew combines tender beef tripe, chorizo, and garbanzo beans in a rich tomato-based sauce, simmered slowly to achieve a depth of flavors that will satisfy your cravings.
  • Leche Flan: Indulge your sweet tooth with our creamy and luscious Leche Flan. This classic Filipino dessert features a smooth caramel custard that melts in your mouth, providing a perfect balance of sweetness and silky texture.


  • Italiannis: Indulge in the sweet treat of Italiannis Menu Philippines, featuring crisp pastry shells filled with a creamy and sweet ricotta cheese filling, often adorned with chocolate chips, pistachios, or candied fruit, creating a delightful dessert that is both rich and satisfying.
  • Casa Armas: Experience the flavors of Spain at Casa Armas, where authentic paella and tapas take center stage in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Mesa Filipino Moderne: Mesa Filipino Moderne offers a modern twist on traditional Filipino dishes, showcasing the rich and diverse flavors of the Philippines in a contemporary setting.
  • Cibo: Delight in Italian-inspired cuisine at Cibo, where fresh ingredients and artisanal flavors come together to create a memorable dining experience that transports you to Italy.
  • Seoulgyupsal: Delight in the savory and flavorful bite of Seoulgyupsal Menu Philippines, featuring a delicate wrapper filled with a mixture of ground meat (typically pork), vegetables, and seasonings, pan-fried to perfection and served with a dipping sauce.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of DULCINEA in the Philippines:

  • Dulcinea SM Megamall – Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
  • Dulcinea Greenbelt – Makati City, Metro Manila
  • Dulcinea TriNoma – Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Dulcinea SM Mall of Asia – Pasay City, Metro Manila
  • Dulcinea Alabang Town Center – Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
  • Dulcinea Ayala Center Cebu – Cebu City, Cebu
  • Dulcinea SM City Cebu – Cebu City, Cebu
  • Dulcinea SM Seaside City Cebu – Cebu City, Cebu
  • Dulcinea SM City Davao – Davao City, Davao del Sur
  • Dulcinea Abreeza Mall – Davao City, Davao del Sur


  • (02) 8817 7074
  • (02) 8920 7892


Working at Dulcinea offers exciting career opportunities in the restaurant industry. Here are some job titles within the restaurant and a brief description of each:

  • Restaurant Manager: The Restaurant Manager oversees the overall operations of the restaurant, ensuring excellent customer service, managing staff, handling inventory, and maintaining a positive dining experience for guests.
  • Chef: The Chef is responsible for creating and executing the menu, developing new dishes, ensuring high-quality food preparation, and maintaining consistency in taste and presentation.
  • Sous Chef: The Sous Chef assists the head chef in managing the kitchen, supervising food preparation, coordinating kitchen staff, and ensuring smooth operations during service hours.
  • Server: Servers are responsible for taking orders, serving food and beverages, providing recommendations to customers, and ensuring a pleasant dining experience by offering attentive and friendly service.
  • Bartender: Bartenders create and serve a variety of beverages, including cocktails, mocktails, and other specialty drinks. They also engage with customers, take orders, and maintain cleanliness at the bar area.
  • Host/Hostess: The Host or Hostess is the first point of contact for customers, greeting and seating them, managing reservations, and coordinating with the servers and kitchen staff to ensure smooth table turnover.
  • Kitchen Staff: Kitchen Staff members work alongside the chefs in various roles, such as line cook, prep cook, or dishwasher. They assist in food preparation, cooking, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, and supporting the overall operations of the kitchen.
  • Cashier: Cashiers handle customer transactions, manage the cash register, process payments, and provide excellent customer service during checkout.
  • Food Expeditor: The Food Expeditor acts as a liaison between the kitchen and the servers, ensuring that food is prepared and delivered to the correct tables in a timely manner, maintaining order accuracy and presentation.
  • Cleaner/Janitor: Cleaners and janitors play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards throughout the restaurant, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for customers and staff.


Dulcinea offers discount coupons as a way to provide special offers and savings to its customers. Here are some key points about discount coupons at the restaurant:

  • Savings on Menu Items: Discount coupons at Dulcinea often provide savings on specific menu items or categories. Customers can enjoy discounts on popular dishes, desserts, or even set meals, allowing them to try a variety of offerings at a reduced price.
  • Limited-Time Promotions: Discount coupons are typically available for a limited time only, encouraging customers to take advantage of the offer within a specified period. This creates a sense of urgency and incentivizes customers to visit the restaurant during the promotional period.
  • Exclusive Deals: Discount coupons may offer exclusive deals that are not available through regular menu pricing. This gives customers the opportunity to try new or premium items at a discounted rate, making their dining experience even more enjoyable.
  • Multiple Usage Options: Depending on the terms and conditions of the discount coupon, customers may have the flexibility to use the coupon for dine-in, takeout, or delivery orders. This allows customers to enjoy the discounted prices in a way that is convenient for them.
  • Coupon Redemption Process: Customers usually need to present the physical or digital coupon at the time of ordering to avail of the discount. The restaurant staff will then apply the discount to the eligible items or transactions.
  • Terms and Conditions: Discount coupons may have specific terms and conditions, such as a minimum order amount, limited redemption per customer, or exclusion of certain menu items. It is important for customers to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions to ensure a smooth and satisfactory redemption experience.
  • Promotional Channels: Dulcinea may promote its discount coupons through various channels, including social media, email newsletters, or physical flyers. Customers can stay updated on the latest discounts by following the restaurant’s official channels or subscribing to their mailing list.


Dulcinea specializes in Spanish and Filipino cuisine, offering a diverse menu that includes traditional dishes, tapas, grilled meats, seafood, and indulgent desserts.

Yes, Dulcinea offers vegetarian and vegan options on its menu. From flavorful vegetable tapas to plant-based main courses, there are delicious options to cater to various dietary preferences.

Yes, Dulcinea accepts reservations. You can call the restaurant directly or use their online reservation system to secure a table for your preferred date and time.

Yes, Dulcinea provides catering services for special events such as birthdays, weddings, and corporate gatherings. Their experienced team can tailor the menu to suit your specific requirements and create a memorable culinary experience for your guests.

Dulcinea occasionally runs promotions and offers special discounts, which can be found on their website or through their social media channels. Additionally, they may have a loyalty program that rewards frequent diners with exclusive perks and benefits. It is recommended to stay updated on their latest promotions and inquire about any available loyalty programs.


NO. Dulcinea Philippines is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Dulcinea Philippines.

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