Potato Corner Menu With Updated Prices Philippines 2024

Discover the delectable world of flavors at Potato Corner Philippines, where our menu takes snacking to a whole new level. At Potato Corner, we’re not just serving fries; we’re crafting culinary experiences. Dive into our menu, a symphony of crispy, golden potatoes, each bite brimming with the perfect blend of spices. From classic favorites like Sour Cream and Barbecue to exciting innovations like Truffle and Chili BBQ, our menu caters to every palate. Every fry is a masterpiece, delivering an explosion of taste and crunch that keeps you coming back for more. Whether you’re craving a savory snack on the go or planning a delightful party spread, Potato Corner’s menu is your passport to a world of savory indulgence.

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Navigating our menu is like embarking on a flavorful adventure. Each option is a carefully curated delight, ensuring that every visit to Potato Corner is a memorable experience. From zesty cheese coatings to spicy, tangy seasonings, our fries are a canvas of taste sensations. But it’s not just about the fries; it’s about the memories made while savoring them. Whether you’re sipping on a refreshing drink alongside your fries or sharing a bucket with friends, Potato Corner’s menu transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Embrace the joy of snacking with us, and let your taste buds explore the endless possibilities our menu has to offer. Potato Corner Philippines isn’t just a snack stop; it’s a flavorful journey waiting to be savored.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Cheese₱ 10.00
BBQ₱ 10.00
Sour Cream₱ 10.00
Chili Barbeque₱ 10.00
Ranch o Cheddar₱ 10.00
Wasabi₱ 10.00
Sweet Corn₱ 10.00
Curry₱ 10.00
Truffle₱ 10.00
Spicy Cheese₱ 10.00
Kimchi₱ 10.00
Bleu Cheese₱ 10.00
Ketchup Mayo₱ 10.00
Cookies and Cream₱ 10.00
Chocolate₱ 10.00
Seafood₱ 10.00
White Cheddar₱ 10.00
Chili Lime₱ 10.00
Paprika₱ 10.00
Cinnamon₱ 10.00
Sweet and Sour₱ 10.00
Butter and Garlic₱ 10.00
Maple Bacon₱ 10.00
Honey Butter₱ 10.00
Cotton Candy₱ 10.00


Super Chicken Pop Solo₱ 99.00
Super Chicken Pop Snack₱ 109.00
Super Chicken Pop Meal₱ 159.00
Regular₱ 29.00
Large₱ 55.00
Jumbo₱ 85.00
Mega₱ 110.00
Giga₱ 179.00
Tera₱ 209.00
Pop Corn₱ 99.00


  • 1. Classic French Fries: Experience the timeless delight of our Classic French Fries, perfectly golden and seasoned to perfection. Each bite is a crispy sensation that brings back cherished memories of flavorful snacking.
  • 2. Sour Cream and Onion Fries: Indulge in the rich and tangy flavor of our Sour Cream and Onion Fries. The combination of velvety sour cream and zesty onions elevates your taste buds, creating a harmonious blend of creamy and savory notes.
  • 3. BBQ Bliss Fries: Savor the smoky goodness of our BBQ Bliss Fries, where every fry is generously coated in our signature barbecue seasoning. It’s a tantalizing fusion of sweet and savory, creating an irresistible snacking experience.
  • 4. Truffle Parmesan Fries: Elevate your snacking game with our Truffle Parmesan Fries, a gourmet delight that combines the earthy essence of truffle oil with the richness of Parmesan cheese. Each fry is a luxurious treat for those with a taste for sophistication.
  • 5. Chili BBQ Blast Fries: Ignite your taste buds with our Chili BBQ Blast Fries, a spicy sensation that combines the heat of chili with the savory allure of barbecue. It’s a fiery flavor explosion that will leave you craving for more.


  • **1. Dean & Deluca: Experience the ultimate nacho delight at Dean & Deluca Menu, where crispy tortilla chips are layered with melted cheese, fresh salsa, and zesty guacamole, creating a fiesta of flavors in every bite.
  • **2. Bubble Tea Bistro: Indulge in the trendiest drinks at Bubble Tea Bistro, where tea enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of bubble teas, from classic milk teas to exotic fruit blends, topped with chewy tapioca pearls for a delightful burst of taste and texture.
  • **3. Pizza Paradise: Dive into the cheesy goodness of Pizza Paradise, where handcrafted pizzas with a plethora of toppings, thin crispy crust, and savory sauces make every slice a mouthwatering experience, bringing the authentic taste of Italy to your plate.
  • **4. Taco Street: Embark on a culinary journey at Taco Street, where authentic Mexican tacos are prepared with succulent meats, fresh veggies, and flavorful spices, creating a taste explosion that captures the essence of Mexican street food, right here in the Philippines.
  • **5. Paotsin’s: Satisfy your sushi cravings at Paotsin’s Menu, a haven for sushi lovers, offering an array of fresh and expertly crafted sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, prepared with the finest ingredients, bringing the flavors of Japan to your table.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • 1. SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City: A bustling hub of Potato Corner, located at one of Manila’s largest shopping malls, offering crispy fries and delightful snacks to shoppers and food enthusiasts.
  • 2. Greenbelt Mall, Makati City: Nestled in the heart of Makati, Potato Corner at Greenbelt Mall serves its signature fries, providing a quick and tasty snack option for visitors exploring the city.
  • 3. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City: Potato Corner stands tall amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Bonifacio High Street, delighting locals and tourists alike with its flavorful range of fries and innovative snacks.
  • 4. Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City: In the picturesque city of Cebu, Potato Corner at Ayala Center offers a crunchy haven for potato lovers, showcasing a diverse menu of seasoned fries that captivates the taste buds.
  • 5. SM City Davao, Davao City: Bringing the joy of Potato Corner to the southern Philippines, the outlet at SM City Davao is a go-to destination for residents, offering a menu filled with irresistible and crispy treats.
  • Potato Corner – University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), Vega Centre Lopez Avenue, Uplb, Los Baños, Laguna
  • Potato Corner Office – 1550, 869 Katarungan, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
  • Potato Corner – M327+W2C, Emilio Jacinto St, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila


  • Contact: (02) 8534 5845
  • Contact: (02) 7358 4850
  • Contact: (+63) 8123-4567 123


  • **1. Store Manager: As the Store Manager, you oversee the daily operations, manage staff, and ensure exceptional customer service. Your role involves strategic planning, inventory management, and fostering a positive work environment to drive sales and uphold the brand’s reputation.
  • **2. Shift Supervisor: Shift Supervisors play a crucial role in managing shifts, ensuring efficient workflow, and supervising team members. They are responsible for maintaining quality standards, handling customer concerns, and coordinating with other staff to guarantee a smooth operational experience.
  • **3. Fry Cook: Fry Cooks are experts in preparing the signature fries, responsible for cooking them to perfection. They follow recipes, maintain cleanliness, and manage frying equipment, ensuring that every order meets the high-quality standards set by Potato Corner.
  • **4. Customer Service Representative: Customer Service Representatives engage with customers, take orders, and provide information about menu items. They handle transactions, address customer inquiries, and maintain a friendly atmosphere, ensuring visitors have a positive and satisfying experience at the restaurant.
  • **5. Marketing Coordinator: Marketing Coordinators develop and implement marketing strategies to promote the restaurant. They create engaging campaigns, manage social media accounts, and analyze market trends to attract customers. Their goal is to enhance the restaurant’s visibility, drive sales, and foster customer loyalty through creative marketing initiatives.
  • **6. Maintenance Technician: Maintenance Technicians are responsible for ensuring that all equipment and facilities are in optimal working condition. They conduct regular maintenance, diagnose issues, and perform repairs to guarantee a safe and efficient environment for both staff and customers. Their role is vital in maintaining the restaurant’s operational integrity.


Discount Coupons at Potato Corner:

  • Potato Corner offers a range of enticing discount coupons, making it even more delightful for customers to indulge in their favorite fries. Here are some key points about our discount coupons:
  • **1. Exclusive Offers for Loyalty Members: Loyalty program members receive exclusive discount coupons, rewarding their repeat patronage with special offers like buy-one-get-one-free deals or discounts on combo meals.
  • **2. Seasonal and Festive Discounts: During special occasions and holidays, Potato Corner rolls out limited-time discount coupons, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite snacks at reduced prices, enhancing the festive spirit.
  • **3. Online Promo Codes: Customers who order online can apply unique promo codes at checkout, unlocking discounts or freebies. These online-exclusive codes encourage digital orders and provide instant savings for tech-savvy snack lovers.
  • **4. Student Discounts: Potato Corner values students’ cravings, offering exclusive discounts for those with valid student IDs. These discounts make snacking more affordable for students, creating a popular choice among the younger crowd.
  • **5. Birthday Bonuses: On customers’ birthdays, Potato Corner surprises them with special discount coupons, celebrating their day with complimentary fries or discounts on their favorite snacks, adding a personal touch to the celebration.
  • **6. Referral Rewards: Customers who refer friends and family to Potato Corner receive referral coupons, granting them discounts on their next purchase. This incentivizes word-of-mouth promotion, fostering a sense of community among our patrons.


A: Potato Corner fries stand out due to their perfect balance of crispiness and flavor. Our unique seasoning blends, ranging from classic to innovative, create a taste experience that customers can’t find anywhere else.

A: Yes, our basic fries are vegetarian-friendly. However, some seasoning options may contain dairy products. We offer a variety of seasonings, so customers can choose options that align with their dietary preferences.

A: Absolutely! Our loyalty program rewards frequent visitors with exclusive discounts, early access to new menu items, and birthday surprises. Members also receive special offers via email or our mobile app, enhancing their Potato Corner experience.

A: Certainly! At Potato Corner, we encourage creativity. You can customize your fries with a variety of seasonings, ranging from classic cheese to adventurous truffle. Additionally, you can add extra toppings like jalapeños or bacon for a personalized snacking delight.

A: Yes, we do! Potato Corner offers catering services, making your events memorable with our delicious fries. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding, our catering menu provides various options to suit your guests’ tastes and preferences. Contact our nearest outlet for catering inquiries and menu customization.


YES. Potato Corner Philippines is Halal Certified. But BBQ is not vegan nor Hindu friendly due to beef stock.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Potato Corner Philippines.

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