Waffle Time Menu With Updated Prices Philippines 2024

Waffle Time’s menu in the Philippines is a delightful journey through a world of crispy, golden waffles that cater to every palate. Whether you’re a sweet tooth or crave savory delights, their menu has something to offer. From the classic Original Waffle filled with creamy custard to the savory Ham and Cheese Waffle, their diverse selection is a treat for your taste buds. And if you’re in the mood for something fruity, don’t miss their fruit-filled waffles, bursting with freshness. Waffle Time in the Philippines is more than just a snack; it’s a delightful experience of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.

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Beyond their scrumptious waffles, Waffle Time’s commitment to quality and affordability sets them apart. Every bite is a testament to their dedication to using fresh ingredients and perfecting the art of waffle making. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on the go or savoring a leisurely snack, Waffle Time’s menu options, such as their Choco Bliss and Fiesta Waffles, will satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. So, the next time you find yourself in the Philippines, be sure to explore the Waffle Time menu; it’s a culinary adventure that promises satisfaction and smiles.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Ham & Cheese₱ 43.00
German Cheese Franks₱ 45.00
Tender Juicy Cheesedog₱ 45.00
American Hotdog₱ 43.00
Tuna Salad₱ 43.00
Cheese Delight₱ 32.00
Belgian Choco₱ 40.00
Swiss Chocolate₱ 35.00
Ultimate Ube₱ 35.00
Bacon & Cheese₱ 47.00
Bavarian Cream₱ 35.00


3 Belgian Choco Waffle + 3 German Cheese Franks₱ 243.00
3 Belgian Choco Waffle + 3 Tender Juicy Hotdog₱ 243.00
6 Tender Juicy Hotdog₱ 259.00
6 Belgian Choco Waffle₱ 227.00
4 Cheese Delight + 3 Tender Juicy Hotdog₱ 251.00
8 Cheese Delight₱ 243.00


Choice Calamansi₱ 33.00
Bottled Water₱ 27.00
Natureal Mango Fusion₱ 87.00
Natureal Calamansi₱ 73.00
Natureal Passion Fruit₱ 87.00


Certainly! Here are some of the top-selling menu items at “Waffle Time” Philippines, presented as bullet points with brief descriptions:

  • Original Waffle: The classic favorite, featuring a perfectly crisp exterior and a rich, creamy custard filling.
  • Ham and Cheese Waffle: A savory delight that combines the goodness of ham and the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of cheese within a warm waffle.
  • Fruit-Filled Waffles: Bursting with freshness, these waffles are filled with a variety of seasonal fruits, creating a sweet and tangy sensation in every bite.
  • Choco Bliss Waffle: Chocolate lovers rejoice! Indulge in the heavenly combination of chocolate waffle goodness with a luscious chocolate filling.
  • Fiesta Waffle: A party in your mouth, these waffles are filled with a blend of flavors, including cheese, ham, and sausage, delivering a savory and satisfying experience.
  • Affordable Snacking: Waffle Time offers a wallet-friendly menu, so you can enjoy these delectable waffles without straining your budget.
  • Quality Ingredients: Each waffle is crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful taste in every bite.
  • Quick and Convenient: Whether you’re on the move or looking for a quick snack, Waffle Time’s menu items are conveniently served and ready to satisfy your cravings.


  • Sachunsung: The Sachunsung Menu, is their go-to comfort food, noodles, known for its rich and savory sauce.
  • Pancake House Philippines: Known for their fluffy pancakes and hearty breakfast options, Pancake House offers a comforting taste of home in every bite.
  • Jollibee: A Filipino fast-food favorite, Jollibee’s menu features crispy Chickenjoy, savory spaghetti, and sweet peach mango pies, making it a beloved choice for locals and visitors alike.
  • Max’s Restaurant: Famous for their “Sarap to the Bones” fried chicken and traditional Filipino dishes, Max’s is a go-to spot for delicious Filipino cuisine.
  • Yellow Cab Pizza Co.: Serving up New York-style pizza with a Filipino twist, Yellow Cab is a pizza lover’s paradise offering a variety of mouthwatering pies and pasta dishes.
  • Chowking: Combining Chinese and Filipino flavors, Chowking is the place to savor delectable dim sum, noodle soups, and sweet halo-halo desserts.
  • JCO: The JCO Menu appreciates the naturally sweet and caffeine-free South African herbal tea, often infused with fruity flavors.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • Waffle Time – H287+JCF, Chino Roces Ave. Cor Vito Cruz Ext., Santa Cruz, Makati, 1205 Metro Manila
  • Waffle Time – Shangri-La Plaza, S101/ AX 103, Edsa Corner, Shaw Blvd, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
  • Waffle Time – 69 C. Raymundo Ave, Pasig, 1606 Metro Manila


  • Contact: (02) 8477 2468
  • Contact: 0933-851-4522


Certainly! Here are some common job titles and their brief descriptions for careers in a restaurant like “Waffle Time” in the Philippines:

  • Store Manager: The Store Manager oversees daily operations, manages staff, and ensures smooth functioning of the restaurant, including inventory control and customer service.
  • Cashier: Cashiers handle customer transactions, provide excellent service, and maintain accurate cash registers, making them the face of the restaurant to customers.
  • Cook: Cooks prepare and cook waffles and other menu items following established recipes, maintaining food quality and safety standards.
  • Server: Servers take orders, serve food, and attend to customers’ needs, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.
  • Kitchen Helper: Kitchen Helpers assist the cooks by prepping ingredients, maintaining cleanliness, and handling basic kitchen tasks.
  • Delivery Driver: Delivery Drivers are responsible for delivering orders to customers’ locations promptly and safely.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Marketing Coordinators plan and execute marketing strategies to promote the restaurant, including social media campaigns and promotional events.
  • Maintenance Technician: Maintenance Technicians are responsible for keeping the restaurant’s equipment and facilities in good working order.
  • Quality Assurance Inspector: Quality Assurance Inspectors ensure that food preparation and service meet hygiene and quality standards, conducting regular inspections.
  • Human Resources Coordinator: HR Coordinators handle employee recruitment, training, and personnel matters to maintain a skilled and motivated workforce.


Discount coupons at “Waffle Time” in the Philippines are a great way to attract customers and offer them savings on their favorite waffle treats. Here are some key points about discount coupons at the restaurant:

  • Variety of Discounts: “Waffle Time” regularly offers a variety of discount coupons that cater to different preferences. These may include percentage discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals, and combo meal discounts.
  • Online and In-Store: Customers can often find these coupons both online, on the official website or social media pages, and in-store at “Waffle Time” outlets. This accessibility ensures that customers can easily access and use the coupons.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Many of these coupons come with expiration dates or specific time frames during which they are valid. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to visit the restaurant within the specified period.
  • Conditions and Restrictions: Some coupons may have conditions or restrictions, such as a minimum purchase requirement or limitations on the menu items they apply to. These conditions are typically outlined on the coupon.
  • Promotional Events: “Waffle Time” may also distribute coupons during special events, holidays, or as part of larger promotional campaigns to boost customer engagement and sales.
  • Customer Loyalty: Offering coupons can be a way for the restaurant to reward loyal customers and encourage repeat visits.
  • Printed and Digital Versions: Customers can often choose between printed coupons or digital versions that can be presented on their smartphones for redemption.
  • Community Engagement: The distribution of discount coupons can also be a way for “Waffle Time” to engage with the local community and attract new customers.


“Waffle Time” is a popular waffle chain in the Philippines known for its delicious waffle treats. They have numerous outlets across various cities and regions in the Philippines. To find a specific location near you, you can use their store locator on their website or contact their customer service.

“Waffle Time” offers a diverse range of waffle flavors and fillings, including sweet options like the Original Waffle and Choco Bliss, as well as savory choices like the Ham and Cheese Waffle. They also have fruit-filled waffles and seasonal specials.

Yes, “Waffle Time” often provides delivery services for customers who prefer to enjoy their waffle treats at home. You can check their website or contact your nearest outlet for delivery options and availability.

“Waffle Time” frequently runs special promotions and offers discount coupons for its customers. These promotions can include limited-time discounts, combo meal deals, and more. You can stay updated on their latest offers through their website and social media channels.

Yes, “Waffle Time” may offer catering services for events and gatherings, providing a unique and delightful addition to your special occasions. You can inquire about their catering options and menu selections at your nearest outlet or through their official website.


YES. Waffle Time Philippines is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Waffle Time Philippines.

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