Gryk’s Food House Menu With Updated Prices Philippines 2024

Gryk’s Food House in the Philippines offers a tantalizing menu that’s a true culinary delight. From sizzling sisig to mouthwatering adobo, every dish is a flavorful journey through the heart of Filipino cuisine. The menu boasts an array of options, whether you’re a fan of savory or sweet. Satisfy your cravings with their crispy lechon kawali, or indulge your sweet tooth with a serving of halo-halo topped with creamy ube ice cream. Gryk’s Food House is not just a restaurant; it’s a place where food enthusiasts come to savor the rich tapestry of Filipino flavors, all in a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

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What sets Gryk’s Food House apart is their commitment to using locally sourced, fresh ingredients. This not only elevates the taste of their dishes but also supports local farmers and communities. Additionally, the restaurant’s dedication to customer satisfaction shines through in their friendly staff and efficient service. Whether you’re a tourist exploring Filipino cuisine for the first time or a local looking for a taste of home, Gryk’s Food House is the place to be. With an SEO-optimized website, finding their menu and location is a breeze, making it even more convenient for foodies to discover and enjoy this culinary gem in the heart of the Philippines.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Fruit & Veggie Salad₱ 149.00
Caesar Salad₱ 149.00


Signature Chicken₱ 119.00
Fried Tuna Belly₱ 199.00
Tocino Rice₱ 149.00
Tuna Kinilaw₱ 189.00
Baked Cheesy Macaroni₱ 149.00
Fresh Lumpia₱ 99.00
Rabokki₱ 149.00
Chicken Embutido Rice₱ 110.00
Kimbap₱ 179.00


Bread Omelette₱ 159.00
Toasted Bread₱ 129.00


Fiesta Nachos₱ 189.00
Rice Cake₱ 85.00


Ube Mango Crepe₱ 139.00
Halo-Halo₱ 119.00


Guyabano Shake₱ 110.00
Cucumber Lemonade₱ 99.00
Pure Mango₱ 99.00
Cookies & Cream Shake₱ 99.00
Kalamansi Juice₱ 59.00
Mango Cucumber₱ 99.00
Carrot Kalamansi₱ 99.00
Shirley Temple₱ 79.00


  • 1. Adobo Flakes Burrito:
  • A fusion of Filipino and Mexican flavors.
  • Crispy adobo flakes wrapped in a soft tortilla with rice, beans, and a dash of spice.
  • 2. Sizzling Sisig Tacos:
  • A twist on a Filipino classic.
  • Sisig sizzles in a tortilla with onions, cilantro, and a zesty sauce.
  • 3. Halo-Halo Supreme:
  • The ultimate Filipino dessert.
  • A medley of shaved ice, sweet fruits, jellies, and creamy ube ice cream.
  • 4. Lechon Kawali Bites:
  • Crispy pork belly, a Filipino delicacy.
  • Served with a side of liver sauce for a delightful dipping experience.
  • 5. Bicol Express Pizza:
  • A spicy and creamy surprise.
  • A pizza topped with Bicol Express-inspired sauce and fresh seafood.
  • 6. Ginataang Langka Burger:
  • An innovative veggie delight.
  • A burger patty made from jackfruit in rich coconut sauce.
  • 7. Taho Delight Bowl:
  • A nostalgic Filipino treat.
  • Silken tofu drizzled with arnibal (caramelized sugar) and sago pearls.
  • 8. Mango Sago Shake:
  • A refreshing tropical beverage.
  • Blended mango, sago pearls, and a hint of coconut milk.

These bold and unique menu items at Gryk’s Food House are sure to tantalize your taste buds, offering a delightful blend of Filipino flavors and international twists.


  • Oh My Gulayr: They appreciate the Oh My Gulay Menu with a savory mixture of grains, vegetables, and cheese, baked to perfection.
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  • **2. “Spiral” at Sofitel Manila – A luxurious buffet offering an international culinary journey, complete with exquisite seafood, decadent desserts, and live cooking stations.
  • **3. “Manam Comfort Filipino” – A modern take on traditional Filipino cuisine, offering classics with a twist, like their iconic “Sisig with a Crunch.”
  • **4. “Ippudo” – A renowned Japanese ramen chain with a branch in Manila, serving rich and savory bowls of ramen that have garnered a cult following.
  • Lugawan Sa Tejeros: The Lugawan Sa Tejeros Menu aficionados appreciate the depth of flavor that tender pork chunks bring to this beloved Filipino dish.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • Gryk’s Food House – FVX2+G48, Confessor Street, Poblacion, Koronadal City, South Cotabato
  • Gryk’s Food House GenSan 45P7+XVC, General Santos City, South Cotabato
  • Gryk’s Food House – 456P+HP9, Leonor Gonzales St, General Santos City, South Cotabato


  • Contact: 0835-0059-29
  • Contact: 0977 647 3639
  • Contact: 0910 031 8880
  • Contact: +63 966 366 8926
  • Contact: +639776473639
  • Contact: (0966) 780 8824


Certainly! Here are some common job titles and brief descriptions for careers at Gryk’s Food House or any restaurant:

  • Chef de Cuisine:
  • The head chef responsible for overseeing the kitchen operations.
  • Manages the menu, supervises kitchen staff, and ensures food quality and presentation.
  • Sous Chef:
  • Assists the head chef in menu planning and kitchen management.
  • Takes charge in the head chef’s absence and supervises cooking staff.
  • Server or Waitstaff:
  • Provides customer service by taking orders, serving food and beverages, and ensuring a pleasant dining experience.
  • Offers menu recommendations, answers customer questions, and handles bill payments.
  • Bartender:
  • Mixes and serves drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  • Creates unique cocktails, maintains bar cleanliness, and ensures responsible alcohol service.
  • Host or Hostess:
  • Greets and seats guests upon arrival, managing restaurant reservations.
  • Coordinates seating arrangements and manages guest waitlists.
  • Dishwasher:
  • Cleans and sanitizes dishes, utensils, and kitchen equipment.
  • Supports kitchen staff by ensuring a steady supply of clean cookware.
  • Line Cook:
  • Prepares and cooks dishes according to the restaurant’s recipes and standards.
  • Collaborates with the kitchen team to maintain food quality and order efficiency.
  • Pastry Chef or Baker:
  • Specializes in creating desserts, pastries, and baked goods.
  • Develops dessert menus, bakes fresh items, and ensures pastry presentation.
  • Restaurant Manager:
  • Oversees daily restaurant operations, including staffing, inventory, and customer service.
  • Manages budgets, sets goals, and ensures the restaurant’s overall success.
  • Busser or Food Runner:
  • Clears tables, resets them for the next guests, and assists waitstaff.
  • Delivers food from the kitchen to the correct tables in a timely manner.
  • Sommelier:
  • A wine expert responsible for curating the wine list and assisting customers with wine selections.
  • Ensures wine storage and service are of the highest quality.
  • Marketing Coordinator:
  • Plans and executes marketing campaigns to promote the restaurant.
  • Manages social media, advertising, and events to attract and engage customers.

These are just a few of the diverse career opportunities available in the restaurant industry, each playing a crucial role in providing excellent dining experiences to customers.


Certainly! Here are some points describing discount coupons at Gryk’s Food House or any restaurant:

  • Promotional Discounts: Gryk’s Food House offers promotional discount coupons as part of special promotions and marketing campaigns. These coupons may provide discounts on specific menu items, combos, or during certain times of the day, such as happy hours.
  • Online Coupons: Customers can often find discount coupons on Gryk’s Food House’s official website or social media pages. These digital coupons may require a promo code or be available for online orders.
  • Loyalty Programs: The restaurant may have a loyalty program where regular customers receive discount coupons as rewards for frequent visits or spending a certain amount. These coupons can be redeemed on future visits.
  • Email Subscriptions: Customers who subscribe to Gryk’s Food House’s newsletter or mailing list may receive exclusive discount coupons via email. These offers may include limited-time promotions and special deals.
  • Local Partnerships: Gryk’s Food House may collaborate with local businesses or organizations to offer coupons to their employees or members, promoting community engagement and discounts for local residents.
  • Printed Coupons: Some restaurants provide printed coupons in local newspapers, magazines, or flyers distributed in the neighborhood. Customers can cut out these coupons and present them when dining in or ordering takeout.
  • Mobile Apps: Gryk’s Food House may have a dedicated mobile app where customers can access digital coupons, view the menu, and place orders. These apps often offer convenience and exclusive discounts.
  • Terms and Conditions: Discount coupons typically have terms and conditions, including expiration dates, limitations on the number of coupons per visit, and restrictions on combining multiple coupons in a single transaction.
  • Customer Engagement: Discount coupons serve as a tool for customer engagement and retention. They incentivize repeat visits and encourage customers to try new menu items or visit during off-peak hours.
  • Social Media Sharing: Customers often share their dining experiences and coupon discoveries on social media, creating word-of-mouth marketing for the restaurant and attracting new customers.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Discounts: Gryk’s Food House may offer special discounts during holidays, celebrations, or seasonal events to attract more customers during peak times.
  • Feedback and Surveys: Some discount coupons may be distributed in exchange for feedback or participation in customer surveys, helping the restaurant gather valuable insights and improve the dining experience.

Discount coupons play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers while promoting the restaurant’s brand and offerings. They offer a win-win situation for both the restaurant and its patrons.


Gryk’s Food House specializes in Filipino cuisine with a modern twist. Our menu features a wide range of Filipino dishes, from classic favorites to unique creations.

Reservations are recommended, especially during peak dining hours or for larger groups. However, we also welcome walk-in customers, and our staff will do their best to accommodate you.

Yes, we have a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes to cater to a variety of dietary preferences. Please ask your server for recommendations or dietary requirements.

Our restaurant is open [mention days and hours of operation]. We also offer takeout and delivery services during these hours for your convenience.

Yes, Gryk’s Food House values its loyal customers. We have a loyalty program that rewards frequent diners with exclusive discounts and special offers. Additionally, we run periodic promotions, and you can find discount coupons on our website and social media channels.


All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Gryk’s Food House Philippines.

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