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Discover Culinary Delights at I Love Bucket Shrimp Philippines

Indulge your taste buds in a seafood extravaganza with the enticing offerings at I Love Bucket Shrimp in the heart of the Philippines. Our menu is a celebration of flavors, featuring the freshest shrimp prepared with a touch of local and international inspiration. From zesty garlic butter concoctions to spicy Cajun delights, each dish is meticulously crafted to satisfy your seafood cravings. With an ambiance that mirrors the vibrant spirit of the Philippines, I Love Bucket Shrimp is not just a meal – it’s an experience that captures the essence of coastal culinary perfection.

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A Fusion of Freshness and Flavor in Every Bite

At I Love Bucket Shrimp, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest shrimp to create a menu that’s a symphony of freshness and flavor. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, our menu caters to all palates. Dive into a world of succulent shrimp delights, paired with an array of delectable sides and sauces. With every bite, experience the passion we infuse into crafting a menu that defines the very essence of “I Love Bucket Shrimp” – an ode to the love for exceptional seafood in the heart of the Philippines.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Shrimp₱ 420.00
Mussel₱ 290.00
Scallops₱ 290.00
Saucy Crab₱ 310.00
Remix₱ 380.00


Sinigangbang Shrimp₱ 210.00
Pompano Fullfish₱ 390.00
Crazy Pusit₱ 210.00
Pusihead₱ 140.00
Calamares₱ 180.00
Naked Wings₱ 260.00
Sexy Legs₱ 260.00
Liempoloco₱ 210.00
Tuna Panga₱ 220.00
Lalabster₱ 1000.00
Pork BBQ Sticks (5pcs)₱ 180.00


Barkada Wow 1₱ 2500.00
Barkada Wow 2₱ 1900.00


Single Rice₱ 30.00
Bucket Rice₱ 140.00


Can Soda₱ 50.00
Iced Tea Pitcher₱ 100.00
Single Beer₱ 80.00
BS Water₱ 40.00


Absolutely, let’s highlight some top-selling menu items at “I Love Bucket Shrimp” Philippines:

  • 1. Garlic Butter Bliss:
  • Dive into a symphony of flavors with our signature Garlic Butter Shrimp. Succulent, juicy shrimp drenched in a luscious garlic-infused butter sauce, creating a heavenly culinary experience that keeps patrons coming back for more.
  • 2. Spicy Cajun Kick:
  • Ignite your taste buds with the Spicy Cajun Shrimp, a perfect blend of bold spices and premium shrimp. Each bite delivers a kick of heat that’s expertly balanced, leaving you craving the exciting fusion of Cajun-inspired zest and seafood perfection.
  • 3. Tropical Mango Fusion:
  • Experience a taste of the tropics with our Tropical Mango Shrimp. Juicy shrimp meets the sweet and tangy embrace of fresh mango, creating a delightful fusion that transports your palate to a beachside paradise.
  • 4. Classic Lemon Pepper Elegance:
  • For those who appreciate timeless elegance, our Classic Lemon Pepper Shrimp is a must-try. The simplicity of zesty lemon and black pepper enhances the natural flavors of the shrimp, creating a sophisticated and satisfying dining experience.
  • 5. Sides & Dips Extravaganza:
  • Elevate your shrimp feast with our array of sides and dips. From crispy fries to creamy coleslaw, each accompaniment is carefully curated to complement the star of the show – our delectable shrimp. Choose your perfect pairing and savor the symphony of tastes.

These bold points offer a snapshot of the diverse and mouthwatering menu at “I Love Bucket Shrimp” Philippines. Adjust as needed to match your brand’s voice and style.


  • Big Daddy’s:
  • Immerse yourself in a maritime feast at Big Daddy’s Menu, where ocean-fresh delights are expertly prepared, offering a gastronomic journey that captures the essence of coastal indulgence.
  • Grill & Sizzle Shack:
  • Grill & Sizzle Shack brings the thrill of the barbecue to your table, offering an array of perfectly grilled seafood and meats, accompanied by an assortment of tantalizing sauces for a truly sizzling experience.
  • Spice Island Bites:
  • Spice Island Bites invites you on a culinary voyage with its fusion of Asian spices and local ingredients, creating a menu that showcases the vibrant and diverse flavors of the Philippines.
  • Mabuti:
  • At Mabuti Menu, experience pizza perfection with crispy crusts, premium toppings, and a variety of mouthwatering flavors, delivering a slice of Italy with a Filipino twist.
  • Mango Tango Cafe:
  • Mango Tango Cafe is a dessert haven, where mango takes center stage in every creation, from refreshing shakes to decadent desserts, offering a sweet symphony that celebrates the Philippines’ love for this tropical fruit.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • 1. I Love Bucket Shrimp – Manila
  • Indulge in our savory shrimp delights in the bustling heart of Manila, where the city’s vibrant energy meets the coastal culinary perfection of “I Love Bucket Shrimp.”
  • 2. I Love Bucket Shrimp – Cebu City
  • Experience the taste of the sea in Cebu City, where our meticulously crafted shrimp menu becomes a delightful celebration of flavors at “I Love Bucket Shrimp.”
  • 3. I Love Bucket Shrimp – Davao
  • Dive into a seafood extravaganza in Davao, as “I Love Bucket Shrimp” brings the finest shrimp creations to this city, offering a unique blend of freshness and flavor.
  • 4. I Love Bucket Shrimp – Boracay
  • Enjoy the beachside paradise of Boracay with a side of Tropical Mango Shrimp and more at “I Love Bucket Shrimp,” where every bite is a journey to culinary bliss.
  • 5. I Love Bucket Shrimp – Baguio
  • In the cool mountain air of Baguio, savor the warmth of our Garlic Butter Bliss and other signature dishes at “I Love Bucket Shrimp,” creating an unforgettable dining experience.
  • I Love Bucket Shrimp – 644 Katipunan St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu


  • Contact: 0953 228 6688
  • Contact: 0917-8059181


Certainly, here are some career opportunities at “I Love Bucket Shrimp” along with brief descriptions for each job title:

  • 1. Head Chef:
  • As the Head Chef at “I Love Bucket Shrimp,” you’ll lead a dynamic culinary team, overseeing menu development, ensuring kitchen efficiency, and bringing creativity to the forefront to deliver an exceptional seafood dining experience.
  • 2. Sous Chef:
  • The Sous Chef plays a crucial role in the kitchen, supporting the Head Chef in daily operations, managing kitchen staff, and contributing to the development of new dishes, ensuring the highest standards of quality are maintained.
  • 3. Front-of-House Manager:
  • As the Front-of-House Manager, you’ll orchestrate a seamless dining experience, overseeing the waitstaff, managing reservations, and ensuring customer satisfaction, creating an inviting atmosphere reflective of “I Love Bucket Shrimp’s” commitment to excellence.
  • 4. Server:
  • Servers at “I Love Bucket Shrimp” are the face of the restaurant, providing attentive and friendly service to guests, presenting the menu with enthusiasm, and ensuring a positive dining experience from start to finish.
  • 5. Marketing Coordinator:
  • The Marketing Coordinator will promote the brand through various channels, creating engaging content, managing social media, and implementing marketing strategies to drive awareness and attract seafood enthusiasts to “I Love Bucket Shrimp.”
  • 6. Quality Assurance Specialist:
  • As a Quality Assurance Specialist, you’ll uphold the high standards of food quality and safety at “I Love Bucket Shrimp,” conducting inspections, implementing protocols, and ensuring that every dish served meets the restaurant’s commitment to excellence.

These roles offer a glimpse into the diverse career opportunities available at “I Love Bucket Shrimp,” spanning from the kitchen to customer service and business development. Adjust job titles as needed based on the specific organizational structure of the restaurant.


Certainly, here are some points describing discount coupons at “I Love Bucket Shrimp” in the Philippines:

  • 1. Delectable Deals Await:
  • Explore a world of savings with our discount coupons at “I Love Bucket Shrimp.” Indulge in your favorite shrimp dishes at a fraction of the cost, making every dining experience not just flavorful but also budget-friendly.
  • 2. Exclusive Online Offers:
  • Unlock special discounts by keeping an eye on our online platforms. “I Love Bucket Shrimp” regularly releases exclusive coupons on our website and social media, rewarding our loyal customers with extra savings for their seafood cravings.
  • 3. Loyalty Rewarded:
  • Join our loyalty program to enjoy even more discounts and personalized offers. Accumulate points with every visit, and redeem them for exciting discounts on our diverse shrimp menu, turning your love for seafood into delicious savings.
  • 4. Seasonal Specials:
  • Stay tuned for seasonal coupon specials. Whether it’s a holiday feast or a summer seafood celebration, “I Love Bucket Shrimp” introduces seasonal coupons, allowing you to savor the flavors of the season with added discounts.
  • 5. Group Dining Perks:
  • Planning a seafood feast with friends or family? Take advantage of our group dining coupons at “I Love Bucket Shrimp,” where the more, the merrier, and the more affordable your culinary adventure becomes.
  • 6. Newsletter Surprises:
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for delightful surprises. Be the first to receive news about promotions and exclusive coupons, ensuring you never miss a chance to enjoy the best of “I Love Bucket Shrimp” at a fantastic price.

These points illustrate how discount coupons at “I Love Bucket Shrimp” offer a range of savings opportunities, from online exclusives to loyalty rewards and seasonal specials, providing patrons with an extra layer of enjoyment with each visit. Adjust the details based on the actual coupon strategies implemented by the restaurant.


A: “I Love Bucket Shrimp” stands out for its diverse menu featuring expertly crafted shrimp dishes, each bursting with flavor. Our commitment to using the freshest ingredients and offering a unique dining experience makes us a go-to destination for seafood enthusiasts.

A: While our specialty is shrimp, we understand dietary preferences. We offer a selection of vegetarian sides and appetizers to ensure there’s something delightful for everyone at the table.

A: Yes, we encourage reservations to ensure you have a seamless dining experience. You can make reservations through our website, phone, or in person at any of our restaurant locations.

A: Absolutely! We provide catering services for a variety of events, from corporate gatherings to special celebrations. Contact our catering team to discuss customized menus that will make your event memorable.

A: To stay in the loop on our latest promotions and special offers, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. We regularly share exciting updates, exclusive discounts, and seasonal specials to enhance your “I Love Bucket Shrimp” experience.


NO: I Love Bucket Shrimp Philippines is not Halal certified.

All the images and prices from the following official sources of I Love Bucket Shrimp Philippines.

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