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“Sisigsarada Menu Philippines is a gastronomic delight that takes you on a flavorful journey through the heart of Filipino cuisine. With its diverse range of dishes, Sisigsarada captures the essence of Philippine culinary excellence. From savory adobo to mouth-watering lechon, each item on the menu is a celebration of vibrant flavors and traditional recipes passed down through generations.

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Indulge in the rich tapestry of Filipino taste with Sisigsarada’s signature sisig, a sizzling dish that combines perfectly grilled pork with tangy calamansi and aromatic spices. The menu reflects the country’s culinary diversity, offering a blend of sweet, spicy, and savory options to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or an international traveler, Sisigsarada Menu Philippines invites you to savor the essence of Philippine culture in every bite. Explore the menu and embark on a culinary adventure that seamlessly fuses authenticity with innovation.”


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Sisig Rice Meal₱ 100.00
Pork Chop Rice Meal₱ 100.00
Tapa Rice Meal₱ 110.00
Boneless Bangus Rice Meal₱ 120.00


The OG Sisig Rada (Good for 2 Pax)₱ 170.00


Family Tray (Serves 6-7)₱ 500.00


Sisig + Tapa + Egg + Rice₱ 175.00
Sisig + Bangus + Egg + Rice₱ 185.00
Sisig + Porkchop + Egg + Rice₱ 165.00
Tapa + Porkchop + Egg + Rice₱ 175.00


Plain Rice₱ 20.00
Garlic Rice₱ 25.00
Extra Egg₱ 15.00
Extra Mayo₱ 5.00
Extra Seasoning₱ 5.00
Extra Calamansi₱ 3.00
Extra Chili₱ 5.00


Soft Drinks₱ 15.00
Bottled Water₱ 15.00


  • Sizzling Pork Sisig: Immerse yourself in the bold and sizzling flavors of Sisigsarada’s signature dish, the Sizzling Pork Sisig. Delight in the perfect harmony of crispy pork bits, sautéed onions, and a burst of citrusy calamansi, all expertly combined on a hot plate. It’s a tantalizing experience that captures the essence of Filipino street food with each sizzling bite.
  • Lechon Kawali Fusion Tacos: Elevate your taste buds with a fusion twist – the Lechon Kawali Fusion Tacos. Indulge in crispy, golden-brown pork belly, thinly sliced and embraced by a warm tortilla. The addition of fresh salsa and a drizzle of signature sauce creates a symphony of textures and flavors, delivering a modern take on a classic Filipino favorite. Sisigsarada invites you to savor the innovation and tradition in every delectable taco.


  • Txoko: Experience the warmth of Filipino home-cooked meals at Txoko Menu, where classic dishes are reimagined with a modern twist, offering a nostalgic yet innovative dining experience.
  • Barrio Fiesta: Barrio Fiesta Menu takes pride in serving farm-to-table Filipino cuisine, showcasing the country’s diverse flavors through thoughtfully curated dishes, ensuring a culinary journey that’s both sustainable and delicious.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • Metro Manila: Discover the vibrant flavors of Sisigsarada in the heart of Metro Manila, where our flagship restaurant invites you to savor the best of Filipino cuisine.
  • Cebu City: Experience the sizzle and spice of Sisigsarada in Cebu City, offering a culinary adventure that highlights the rich culinary traditions of the Philippines.
  • Davao City: Head to Davao City and indulge in the mouthwatering delights of Sisigsarada, where each dish is a celebration of local flavors and global influences.
  • Baguio City: Amidst the cool mountain breeze of Baguio City, Sisigsarada beckons food enthusiasts to taste the bold and unique menu inspired by the beauty of the Northern Philippines.
  • Iloilo City: Sisigsarada brings its delectable offerings to Iloilo City, providing a taste of Filipino culinary excellence against the backdrop of the city’s rich cultural heritage.
  • SisigSaRada Mandaluyong – Unit 1A, 22 Pag-Asa, Brgy Pagasa, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
  • Sisigsarada Eatery – Beside 7/11, MKT, HRC CENTER, Trailer 002, 104 Rada, Legazpi Village, Makati


  • Contact: 0286937245
  • Contact: 0917 822 9630
  • Contact: 0997 153 3591


  • Head Chef: As the Head Chef at Sisigsarada, you’ll lead the culinary team in crafting innovative and authentic Filipino dishes. Your expertise in flavor pairing, menu development, and kitchen management will drive the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence.
  • Front-of-House Manager: As the Front-of-House Manager, you’ll orchestrate seamless dining experiences, managing staff, reservations, and customer satisfaction. Your leadership ensures that Sisigsarada guests receive exceptional service from the moment they step through the door.
  • Sous Chef: Join Sisigsarada as a Sous Chef, contributing your culinary skills to the creation of our signature dishes. Assist the Head Chef in kitchen operations, ensuring the highest standards of quality and taste in every plate.
  • Server: As a Server at Sisigsarada, you’ll be the face of our restaurant, delivering a friendly and efficient dining experience. Your knowledge of the menu and dedication to customer satisfaction will create a welcoming atmosphere for our guests.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Join the marketing team at Sisigsarada to promote our brand and engage with the community. Your creative ideas and digital marketing skills will play a crucial role in attracting customers and enhancing the restaurant’s online presence.
  • Kitchen Porter: As a Kitchen Porter, you’ll support the kitchen team by maintaining cleanliness and organization. Your role is essential to the smooth operation of the kitchen, ensuring a hygienic and efficient workspace for the culinary staff at Sisigsarada.

Explore rewarding career opportunities at Sisigsarada, where each role contributes to the success of our commitment to delivering exceptional Filipino dining experiences.


Sisigsarada Discount Coupons:

  • Membership Benefits: Enroll in our exclusive membership program and enjoy personalized discount coupons, rewarding your loyalty with special offers, birthday discounts, and seasonal promotions.
  • First-time Visitor Discounts: As a welcome gesture, first-time visitors can avail themselves of introductory discount coupons, inviting them to explore the diverse flavors of Sisigsarada at an enticing price.
  • Group and Family Discounts: Bring your loved ones or colleagues to Sisigsarada and benefit from group and family discounts. Our spacious and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for sharing memorable meals with those closest to you.
  • Online Ordering Promotions: Order online through our website or mobile app and unlock exclusive discount coupons, making it convenient and affordable for you to enjoy Sisigsarada’s delectable menu from the comfort of your home.
  • Special Event Coupons: Celebrate special occasions at Sisigsarada and receive event-specific discount coupons. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or festive season, we believe in making your moments even more special with enticing discounts.
  • Social Media Contests: Engage with us on social media for a chance to win discount coupons through exciting contests and challenges. Follow Sisigsarada on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on the latest promotions.

Indulge in the culinary delights of Sisigsarada while enjoying the added value of our discount coupons, designed to make your dining experience both flavorful and affordable.


At Sisigsarada, we pride ourselves on offering a unique blend of traditional Filipino flavors with a modern twist. Our diverse menu, innovative culinary creations, and commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients set us apart in the vibrant Filipino dining landscape.

Absolutely! We welcome reservations for special occasions and large groups to ensure a seamless dining experience. Contact our Front-of-House team to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be delighted to accommodate your celebration.

Yes, we understand and cater to diverse dietary preferences. Our menu features thoughtfully crafted vegetarian and vegan options, allowing all guests to enjoy the rich flavors of Filipino cuisine.

Stay connected with us through our official website and social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook. We regularly post updates on promotions, special events, and exclusive offers, ensuring you never miss out on the latest from Sisigsarada.

Yes, we provide catering services to make your private events and corporate functions memorable. Our catering team works closely with you to customize a menu that suits your preferences and ensures a delightful culinary experience for your guests. Contact us for more details on our catering offerings.


NO. Sisigsarada Philippines is not Halal Certified.

We took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Sisigsarada Philippines.

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