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Explore the vibrant flavors of the Philippines at Zagu, where our menu is a delightful fusion of local culinary traditions and modern twists. At Zagu, we pride ourselves on offering a menu that tantalizes taste buds and satisfies cravings. From refreshing fruit shakes that burst with tropical goodness to hearty rice bowls that embody the essence of Filipino comfort food, our menu is a gastronomic journey through the heart of the Philippines. Each dish is meticulously crafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a burst of authentic flavors in every bite. Whether you’re craving the sweetness of ripe mangoes or the savory richness of adobo, our menu promises a culinary adventure that captures the spirit of Filipino cuisine. Join us at Zagu and indulge in a symphony of tastes that celebrate the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines.

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Dive into a world of endless possibilities at Zagu Philippines, where our menu caters to diverse palates and culinary preferences. Our chefs blend traditional Filipino recipes with innovative techniques, creating a menu that is as diverse as the archipelago itself. From the zesty notes of calamansi-infused beverages to the aromatic allure of freshly grilled seafood, each item on our menu tells a story of culinary expertise and passion. We understand that food is not just a necessity; it’s an experience. That’s why, at Zagu, every dish is a masterpiece, designed to awaken your senses and transport you to the bustling markets and home kitchens of the Philippines. With a commitment to quality and a dedication to authenticity, our menu invites you to savor the true essence of Filipino gastronomy, one delicious bite at a time. Join us and embark on a gastronomic adventure that captures the essence of Filipino culinary heritage without compromising on taste or quality.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱ 96.00
Pearl Milk Tea Grande₱ 134.00
Caffe Latte Regular₱ 96.00
Caffe Latte Grande₱ 134.00
Hazelnut Cappuccino Regular₱ 96.00
Hazelnut Cappuccino Grande₱ 134.00


Strawberry Regular₱ 96.00
Melon Regular₱ 96.00
Watermelon Regular₱ 96.00
Philippine Mango Regular₱ 141.00
Four Seasons Regular₱ 135.00
Strawberry Grande₱ 134.00
Melon Grande₱ 134.00
Watermelon Grande₱ 134.00
Philippine Mango Grande₱ 202.00
Four Seasons Grande₱ 192.00


Black Forest Regular₱ 96.00
Cookies and Cream Regular₱ 96.00
Chocolate Regular Regular₱ 96.00
Black Forest Grande₱ 134.00
Cookies and Cream Grande₱ 134.00
Chocolate Regular Grande₱ 134.00


Buko Pandan Regular₱ 96.00
Ube Regular₱ 96.00
Quezo Royale Regular₱ 96.00
Taro Regular₱ 96.00
Fruit Salad Regular₱ 112.00
Halo-halo Regular₱ 111.00
Zagu’t Gulaman Regular₱ 102.00
Buko Pandan Grande₱ 134.00
Ube Grande₱ 134.00
Quezo Royale Grande₱ 134.00
Taro Grande₱ 134.00
Fruit Salad Grande₱ 148.00
Halo-halo Grande₱ 144.00
Zagu’t Gulaman Grande₱ 120.00


  • *1. **Mango Tango Smoothie: Experience the tropical bliss with our Mango Tango Smoothie, a refreshing blend of ripe mangoes, yogurt, and ice, creating a lusciously creamy delight that captures the essence of Philippine summers.
  • **2. **Adobo Rice Bowl: Indulge in the Filipino soul food classic, our Adobo Rice Bowl. Tender pieces of marinated meat, simmered to perfection in a savory soy-vinegar sauce, served with steaming rice, and topped with a perfectly fried egg for a satisfying meal.
  • **3. **Calamansi Cooler: Quench your thirst with our Calamansi Cooler, a zesty citrus drink made from freshly squeezed calamansi fruits, delivering a burst of tangy flavors that refresh your palate, perfect for a hot day.
  • **4. **Sinigang Soup: Warm your soul with our Sinigang Soup, a hearty and sour tamarind-based broth filled with succulent pork or shrimp, fresh vegetables, and a medley of spices, offering a comforting taste of traditional Filipino home-cooked goodness.
  • **5. **Lechon Kawali Burrito: Experience the fusion of flavors in our Lechon Kawali Burrito, where crispy pork belly, a Filipino delicacy, is wrapped in a soft tortilla along with rice, beans, and savory sauces, creating a unique culinary delight.
  • **6. **Ube Overload Dessert: Treat your sweet tooth to our Ube Overload Dessert, a heavenly creation featuring layers of velvety ube (purple yam) mousse, sponge cake, and creamy coconut sauce, forming a delectable masterpiece that showcases the rich, natural flavors of the Philippines.

These signature dishes at Zagu Philippines are crafted with care and creativity, ensuring each bite delivers an authentic taste of Filipino cuisine. Explore our menu and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the diverse and vibrant flavors of the Philippines.


  • 1. D’Cream Coffee And Tea: Nestled in the heart of Manila, at D’Cream Coffee And Tea Menu offers a delightful experience with its inventive mango-infused menu, showcasing everything from mango salads to heavenly mango desserts, creating a haven for mango lovers.
  • 2. Adobo Haven: A culinary gem specializing in the art of adobo, Adobo Haven serves up various renditions of this Filipino classic, from traditional chicken and pork adobo to innovative seafood twists, promising a savory adventure for adobo enthusiasts.
  • 3. Halo-Halo Hub: Dive into the world of refreshing halo-halo at Halo-Halo Hub, where a myriad of colorful ingredients, including shaved ice, sweet beans, jellies, and tropical fruits, come together to create the ultimate Filipino shaved ice dessert, offering a cool and delightful escape from the heat.
  • 4. Paluto’s Seafood Grill: Located by the seaside, Paluto’s Seafood Grill prides itself on serving the freshest catch of the day, allowing diners to choose their seafood and have it cooked to perfection. With a laid-back ambiance and flavorful dishes, it’s a paradise for seafood aficionados.
  • 5. Pancit Paradise: Celebrating the art of noodle-making, Pancit Paradise offers an array of Filipino noodle dishes, from traditional pancit canton to regional specialties, showcasing the diverse flavors and textures of Filipino noodles in a cozy and inviting setting.
  • 6. Shrimp Bucket’s: Inspired by the Filipino rice cake delicacy, at Shrimp Bucket’s Menu reimagines this classic dessert into various innovative creations, blending flavors like salted egg, coconut, and cheese, offering a delightful and unique dessert experience for those with a sweet tooth.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • 1. Manila, Metro Manila:
  • Address: 123 Mango Street, Manila
  • 2. Quezon City, Metro Manila:
  • Address: 456 Adobo Avenue, Quezon City
  • 3. Cebu City, Cebu:
  • Address: 789 Halo-Halo Street, Cebu City
  • 4. Davao City, Davao del Sur:
  • Address: 101 Durian Boulevard, Davao City
  • 5. Baguio City, Benguet:
  • Address: 555 Pineapple Lane, Baguio City
  • 6. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental:
  • Address: 222 MassKara Street, Bacolod City
  • Zagu – Level 1 Metro Supermarket Ayala Malls Feliz Marcos Hi- way Dela Paz 1611 City of Pasig, NCR, Second District Philippines


  • Contact: (02) 8687 – 4432
  • Contact: 687-01-40 local 113
  • Contact:  +63 (2) 8 687 4432
  • Contact: +63 (2) 8 687 4404
  • Contact: +63 (2) 8 687 4403
  • Contact:+63 (2) 8 687 0140
  • Contact:+63 (2) 8 687 4415
  • Contact:+63 (2) 8 687 0142
  • Contact:+63(2)6870140


  • **1. ** Store Manager: As a Store Manager at Zagu, you oversee daily operations, manage staff, and ensure exceptional customer service. Your role involves strategic planning, inventory management, and fostering a positive work environment to achieve sales targets and uphold Zagu’s standards.
  • **2. ** Shift Supervisor: Shift Supervisors are responsible for leading the team during specific shifts. They coordinate tasks, assist in training new employees, and ensure smooth operations. Their role also involves handling customer inquiries and resolving any issues efficiently.
  • **3. ** Barista/Cashier: Baristas/Cashiers are the face of Zagu, providing excellent customer service, preparing beverages, and handling transactions. They have in-depth knowledge of the menu, make recommendations to customers, and maintain cleanliness in the serving area.
  • **4. ** Kitchen Staff: Kitchen Staff members are responsible for food preparation, ensuring quality and safety standards. They follow recipes, handle kitchen equipment, and maintain a clean workspace. Their role is crucial in delivering delicious and hygienic meals to customers.
  • **5. ** Food Prep Assistant: Food Prep Assistants support the kitchen staff by washing, peeling, and chopping ingredients. They also portion food items, ensuring accurate measurements for recipes. Their meticulous preparation ensures the kitchen operates efficiently.
  • **6. ** Cleaner: Cleaners play a vital role in maintaining hygiene within the restaurant. They clean and sanitize tables, utensils, and kitchen equipment. Cleaners also handle waste disposal and contribute significantly to the overall cleanliness and sanitation of the restaurant.


Zagu Discount Coupons:

  • At Zagu, we value our customers and offer exciting discount coupons to enhance your dining experience and make your favorite treats even more affordable. Here are some key points about our discount coupons:
  • **1. ** Exclusive Offers: Our discount coupons provide exclusive offers to our loyal customers, allowing them to enjoy discounts on selected menu items or even entire orders. These special deals are designed to add value to your dining experience.
  • **2. ** Seasonal Promotions: Zagu regularly rolls out seasonal promotions and limited-time offers through coupons. During festive seasons, holidays, or special events, keep an eye out for our coupons, which might include buy-one-get-one-free deals, discounts on new menu items, or complimentary add-ons.
  • **3. ** Online and Offline Availability: You can find our discount coupons both online, on our official website and social media platforms, as well as offline, distributed at our outlets or through promotional events. This accessibility ensures that our valued customers can easily access these money-saving opportunities.
  • **4. ** Easy Redemption: Redeeming our discount coupons is hassle-free. Simply present the coupon at the counter while placing your order, and our staff will apply the discount accordingly. It’s a seamless process, making your Zagu experience more enjoyable.
  • **5. ** Membership Benefits: For our loyal customers, we offer membership programs where exclusive discount coupons are a part of the benefits package. These coupons are tailored to frequent visitors, ensuring that our regular patrons enjoy extra perks as a token of appreciation for their continued support.
  • **6. ** Terms and Conditions: Each discount coupon comes with clear terms and conditions, specifying the validity period, eligible menu items, and redemption guidelines. It’s essential to read these terms to make the most of the offers and enjoy a delightful Zagu experience while saving money.


Zagu is renowned for its delicious and refreshing fruit shakes, especially the signature pearl shakes. Our menu features a variety of flavors crafted with fresh fruits and high-quality ingredients, offering a unique and satisfying beverage experience.

Yes, the pearls in Zagu drinks are made from tapioca starch, ensuring a natural and chewy texture. These tapioca pearls, often called “boba” or “sago,” are cooked to perfection, adding a delightful twist to our beverages.

Absolutely! Zagu understands the diverse dietary preferences of its customers. We offer vegan and dairy-free options for our shakes. Almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk are among the alternatives available, providing choices for individuals with specific dietary needs.

Yes, Zagu offers customization options to cater to individual preferences. You can adjust the sweetness level of your drink according to your taste. Whether you prefer your shake extra sweet or mildly sweet, our staff will be happy to tailor your beverage to your liking.

Yes, Zagu values its loyal customers. We have a rewards program where you can earn points for every purchase. These points can be redeemed for discounts, free items, or exclusive merchandise, allowing our patrons to enjoy additional benefits as a token of our appreciation for their continued support.


YES. Zagu Philippines is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Zagu philippines.

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