Cha Tuk Chak Menu With Updated Prices Philippines 2024

Discover the tantalizing flavors of Cha Tuk Chak’s menu in the Philippines! A delightful fusion of Thai and Filipino influences, Cha Tuk Chak offers a vibrant and unique selection of beverages that will transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise. From their signature Thai Milk Teas, bursting with rich, velvety goodness, to the zesty Thai Lime Green Tea, every sip is a delightful adventure. The menu boasts an array of refreshing fruit teas like the Mango Tango and Watermelon Chill, perfect for beating the heat and indulging in natural sweetness. For those seeking an extra kick, the Thai Coffee series, with its bold aroma and smooth textures, promises a satisfying caffeine fix. Embrace the exotic and experience the best of both worlds with Cha Tuk Chak’s innovative and delectable menu that will leave you craving for more!

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Step into the world of Cha Tuk Chak and immerse yourself in a whirlwind of tantalizing flavors and colorful concoctions. A treasure trove of beverages awaits you, carefully curated to cater to every taste preference. Dive into the blissful array of milky goodness with the Thai Milk Tea series, where the velvety tea blends harmoniously with creamy sweetness. Seeking a burst of freshness? The Fruit Sparklers are an oasis of thirst-quenching delight, combining real fruit goodness with the fizz of soda for a playful twist. Experience the essence of Thailand’s street food culture with the classic Thai Iced Tea, an irresistible blend of bold tea and sweetened condensed milk. Whatever your mood, Cha Tuk Chak’s menu in the Philippines promises a delightful escape, infusing each sip with a symphony of flavors that will keep you coming back for more!


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Cha Yen₱ 110.00₱ 120.00
Nom Yen₱ 110.00₱ 125.00
Koko Yen₱ 100.00₱ 110.00
Signature Milk Tea with Black & Honey Pearls₱ 95.00₱ 105.00
Roasted Okinawa with Black & Honey Pearls₱ 100.00₱ 115.00
Banana Milk with Black & Honey Pearls₱ 110.00₱ 125.00


Dark Cocoa Sea Salt₱ 130.00
White Rabbit Sea Salt₱ 120.00
Matcha Milk Tea Sea Salt₱ 120.00
Black Fire Tiger₱ 130.00₱ 160.00
Royal Fire Tiger₱ 130.00₱ 160.00
Biscoff Cheese Salt Milk Tea₱ 150.00₱ 170.00


Premium Cheesecake Milk Tea with Pearls₱ 120.00₱ 140.00
Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake₱ 130.00₱ 150.00
Pink Milk Tea Cheesecake₱ 130.00₱ 160.00
Hazelnut Cheesecake₱ 140.00₱ 170.00
Ube Cheesecake Milk Tea₱ 140.00₱ 170.00
Choco Ichigo Cheesecake₱ 140.00₱ 170.00
Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea₱ 125.00₱ 145.00
Dark Cocoa Ore Cheesecake₱ 120.00₱ 140.00


Choco Ichigo Cheesecake Titan₱ 225.00
Oreo Cheesecake Titan₱ 185.00
Pink Milk Cheesecake Titan₱ 220.00
Premium Cheesecake Titan with Pearls₱ 175.00


Honey Yuzu Lemonade₱ 90.00
Thai Ruby Lemonade₱ 100.00
Blueberry Yuzu Lemonade₱ 110.00
Banana Berry Yuzu Lemoade₱ 115.00
Lychee Honey Peach₱ 130.00
Jungle Berry₱ 130.00
Mulberry Honey Peace₱ 130.00
Strawberry Sakura₱ 130.00


Extra Shot of Black Tea₱ 10.00
Black & Honey Pearls₱ 15.00
Strawberry Bomb₱ 20.00
Brown Sugar Jelly₱ 20.00
Cheesecake₱ 25.00
Oreo Cheesecake₱ 30.00
Strawberry Cheesecake₱ 40.00
Mochi₱ 25.00


  • 1. Thai Milk Tea – A Creamy Indulgence: Cha Tuk Chak’s signature Thai Milk Tea is a delightful blend of premium black tea, sweetened condensed milk, and aromatic spices. Served over ice, this creamy concoction offers a perfect balance of bold flavors and velvety smoothness, making it an irresistible choice for tea enthusiasts and first-timers alike.
  • 2. Mango Tango – Tropical Paradise in a Cup: Embark on a journey to the tropics with the Mango Tango fruit tea. Bursting with the luscious sweetness of ripe mangoes, this refreshing beverage is complemented by a hint of tanginess, creating a symphony of flavors that evoke the warmth of a sunny beach vacation with every sip.
  • 3. Thai Lime Green Tea – Zesty Citrus Delight: Experience a burst of zesty freshness with the Thai Lime Green Tea. This invigorating drink features a vibrant green tea base, infused with the zingy essence of Thai limes, and a touch of honey for natural sweetness. Served chilled, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for a hot and humid day.
  • 4. Thai Coffee – Bold and Aromatic: For coffee enthusiasts, Cha Tuk Chak offers a range of Thai Coffee delights. Made with premium coffee beans and a blend of spices, these aromatic beverages boast a distinctive flavor profile that sets them apart from traditional coffee options, catering to those seeking a bolder and more unique caffeine experience.
  • 5. Fruit Sparklers – Fizzy and Fun: Quench your thirst with the Fruit Sparklers – a medley of real fruit goodness paired with effervescent soda. With options like Watermelon Chill and Lychee Breeze, these vibrant drinks are not only refreshing but also visually stunning, making them an Instagram-worthy choice for those seeking a colorful and fun beverage experience.


  • Cafe By The Ruins: The Cafe By The Ruins Menu indulges in the classic and timeless cookie, best enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee or tea.
  • Brew & Bites Cafe – Where Coffee Meets Culinary Delights: Brew & Bites Cafe is a haven for coffee aficionados and foodies alike, offering a delectable menu of specialty brews and scrumptious dishes that tickle the taste buds.
  • Tea Haven Express – A Tea Lover’s Paradise: Step into a world of tea bliss at Tea Haven Express, where an extensive selection of premium teas and innovative tea-based creations await, promising a delightful tea experience like no other.
  • Fruity Fusion Delights – A Symphony of Freshness: Fruity Fusion Delights captivates with their range of fruit-infused beverages, from invigorating fruit teas to luscious smoothies, all crafted to bring out the natural sweetness and freshness of each ingredient.
  • Fruitas: The Fruitas Menu finds refreshment in the cold and bold flavors of iced coffee, a perfect companion for warm weather.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in the Philippines:

  • Cha Tuk Chak – Makati City Address: [Insert Address]
  • Cha Tuk Chak – Quezon City Address: [Insert Address]
  • Cha Tuk Chak – Taguig City Address: [Insert Address]
  • Cha Tuk Chak – Pasig City Address: [Insert Address]
  • Cha Tuk Chak – Manila Address: [Insert Address]


  • +63 917 829 6671
  • +63 967 241 6809


Certainly! Here are some potential careers and job titles you might find at a restaurant like Cha Tuk Chak, along with a brief explanation of each role:

  • Barista – The Master of Coffee Art: As a Barista, you’ll be the heart and soul of the cafe, crafting exquisite coffee beverages with precision and artistic flair, while providing top-notch customer service to create a memorable coffee experience for patrons.
  • Beverage Mixologist – Innovating Flavors: Beverage Mixologists are the creative minds behind the unique and refreshing concoctions on the menu, experimenting with different ingredients and flavors to craft exciting new tea and coffee blends that excite the taste buds.
  • Shift Supervisor – Orchestrating Smooth Operations: As a Shift Supervisor, you’ll oversee the daily operations, ensuring smooth and efficient workflows, training staff, and maintaining the high standards of service to guarantee a delightful dining experience for every customer.
  • Kitchen Chef – Culinary Mastermind: The Kitchen Chef is responsible for curating a delectable food menu, preparing mouthwatering dishes, and maintaining a clean and organized kitchen environment to deliver consistently delicious and visually appealing meals.
  • Quality Assurance Specialist – Ensuring Excellence: Quality Assurance Specialists diligently inspect every aspect of food and beverage preparation, guaranteeing that all products meet strict quality standards, maintaining the reputation of the restaurant as a purveyor of excellence.
  • Marketing Coordinator – Spreading the Word: Marketing Coordinators strategize and execute creative marketing campaigns, both online and offline, to attract new customers and keep loyal patrons engaged, fostering a strong and vibrant community around the brand.
  • Customer Service Representative – Hospitality Ambassadors: Customer Service Representatives warmly greet guests, handle inquiries, and resolve issues with utmost courtesy, leaving guests feeling valued and cared for during their time at the restaurant.
  • Store Manager – Leading with Vision: Store Managers lead the entire restaurant team, implementing the company’s vision, overseeing operations, and ensuring exceptional customer experiences while achieving business targets.


At Cha Tuk Chak, discount coupons are an enticing way to attract customers and enhance their overall experience. Here are some points about the discount coupon system at the restaurant:

  • Special Offers and Promotions: Cha Tuk Chak regularly offers discount coupons and special promotions to reward loyal customers and attract new ones. These coupons may be distributed through various channels, such as social media, email newsletters, or physical flyers.
  • Percentage-Based Discounts: One common type of coupon is a percentage-based discount, where customers receive a certain percentage off their total bill. For example, a 10% discount coupon on a customer’s purchase can incentivize them to visit and indulge in more menu items.
  • Combo Deals and Bundles: Some discount coupons may offer combo deals or bundled packages, where customers can enjoy savings by purchasing specific combinations of beverages or food items. This strategy encourages customers to try a variety of offerings and possibly discover new favorites.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Creating a sense of urgency, Cha Tuk Chak often introduces limited-time offers with discount coupons. This motivates customers to act quickly and avail themselves of the enticing deals before they expire.
  • Digital Coupons and QR Codes: The restaurant may also offer digital coupons or QR codes that customers can present at the counter or scan from their mobile devices to avail the discount. This enhances convenience for both customers and staff.
  • Membership and Loyalty Programs: Cha Tuk Chak may have membership or loyalty programs where members receive exclusive access to special discount coupons, freebies, or birthday treats, fostering long-term customer loyalty.
  • Terms and Conditions: To ensure smooth operations and prevent abuse, discount coupons usually come with specific terms and conditions, such as a minimum spend requirement, validity period, or exclusions on certain menu items.
  • Social Media Contests: Occasionally, the restaurant may run social media contests or interactive campaigns where customers can win discount coupons as prizes, increasing engagement and reach.


Answer: Cha Tuk Chak is a unique fusion cafe that blends Thai and Filipino influences, offering an exciting range of beverages such as Thai Milk Tea, fruit teas, and Thai coffee. Our aim is to transport customers on a delightful taste journey, embracing the best of both cultures.

Answer: Yes, we understand the importance of catering to various dietary preferences. Cha Tuk Chak offers a selection of vegan and dairy-free options, allowing everyone to savor our delightful beverages without compromising their lifestyle choices.

Answer: Absolutely! We take pride in our commitment to providing personalized experiences. Customers can easily customize their beverages, adjusting sweetness levels, toppings, and even opting for alternative milk options.

Answer: Yes, quality is paramount to us. We source our ingredients meticulously, using premium teas, fresh fruits, and authentic Thai spices to ensure that every sip is a burst of genuine flavors.

Answer: Yes, we value our loyal customers. Cha Tuk Chak has an exclusive membership program that offers exciting perks, discounts, and access to members-only events, making your visits even more rewarding.


NO. Cha Tuk Chak Philippines is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Cha Tuk Chak Philippines.

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