Jade Garden Menu With Updated Prices Philippines 2024

Explore the culinary wonders of the Philippines at Jade Garden, where every dish tells a story of flavors, tradition, and innovation. Our carefully curated menu showcases the rich tapestry of Filipino cuisine, blending local authenticity with a modern twist. From savory adobo to the delightful sweetness of halo-halo, each dish at Jade Garden is a masterpiece, crafted with passion and served with a smile. Indulge in the heavenly aromas and vibrant colors of our dishes, transporting yourself to the heart of Filipino gastronomy. Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or a curious traveler, our menu promises an unforgettable dining experience, where every bite is a celebration of the Philippines’ diverse culinary heritage.

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At Jade Garden, we take pride in offering a diverse menu that caters to every palate. From mouthwatering seafood dishes to delectable vegetarian options, our menu is a treasure trove of culinary delights. With locally sourced ingredients and expertly crafted recipes, our chefs ensure that each dish bursts with freshness and authenticity. Whether you’re craving the bold flavors of sisig or the comforting warmth of sinigang, our menu has something for everyone. Join us on a culinary adventure through the Philippines, where each dish is a testament to our commitment to quality, taste, and your ultimate satisfaction. Come, savor the essence of Filipino cuisine at Jade Garden – where every meal is a journey of taste and tradition.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Conpoy & Potato Strings in Spring Onion Sauce₱ 280.00
Shredded Jelly Fish & Cuttlefish in Special Mix Sauce₱ 350.00
Hand Shredded Chicken in Ginger Sauce₱ 250.00
Eggplant in Sesame Sauce₱ 280.00
Cucumber in Chili Sauce₱ 280.00
Deep Fried Beef & Chinese Spring Rolls₱ 300.00
Deep Fried Pork w/ Peach in Black Vinegar Sauce₱ 350.00
Deep Fried Milk Balls₱ 280.00
Deep Fried Beancurd w/ Salt & Pepper₱ 280.00


Braised Baby Abalone w/ Black Mushroom₱ 780.00
Fortune Poon Choi₱ 3,880.00
Braised Sliced Abalone w/ Sea Cucumber₱ 3,900.00 – ₱ 7,800.00
Braised Sliced Abalone w/ Black Mushroom₱ 3,600.00 – ₱ 7,200.00
Sea Cucumber & Bean Curd w/ X.O₱ 880.00 – ₱ 1,760.00
Braised Sea Cucumber w/ Black Mushrooms₱ 880.00 – ₱ 1,760.00
Braised Sea Cucumber w/ Bitter Melon₱ 880.00 – ₱ 1,760.00
Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Spring Onion & Chili₱ 550.00 – ₱ 1,100.00
Deep Fried Fish Fillet w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce₱ 550.00 – ₱ 1,100.00
Three-Flavoured Fish Fillet in Vietnam Style₱ 600.00 – ₱ 1,200.00
Fish Fillet w/ Beancurd in Hot Casserole₱ 550.00 – ₱ 1,100.00
Deep Fried Fillet w/ Thai Sauce₱ 600.00 – ₱ 1,200.00
Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Zuchinni, Vermicelli & Mashed Garlic₱ 650.00 – ₱ 1,300.00
Deep-Fried Shrimps w/ Salt & Pepper₱ 720.00 – ₱ 1,440.00
Sauteed Fresh Scallops & Broccoli w/ BBQ Sauce₱ 1,600.00 – ₱ 3,200.00
Sauteed Fresh Scallops & Prawns w/ X.O Sauce₱ 1,700.00 – ₱ 3,400.00
Scrambled Egg w/ Shrimps₱ 720.00 – ₱ 1,440.00
Sauteed Prawns w/ Satay Sauce₱ 800.00 – ₱ 1,600.00
Sauteed Prawns & Fresh Mix Mushroom w/ X.O Sauce₱ 800.00 – ₱ 1,600.00


BBQ Peking Duck₱ 2,200.00 – ₱ 3,700.00
BBQ Suckling Pig₱ 2,700.00 – ₱ 9,900.00
Roasted Duck₱ 1,450.00 – ₱ 2,900.00
Roasted Garlic Flavour Chicken₱ 590.00 – ₱ 1,180.00
Soy Sauce Marinated Chicken₱ 590.00 – ₱ 1,180.00
Marinated Beef Kenchie₱ 520.00 – ₱ 920.00
Sizzling Honey Glazed BBQ Pork₱ 460.00 – ₱ 920.00
Shredded Jelly Fish in Spicy Sauce₱ 460.00 – ₱ 920.00
Century Egg & Jelly Fish₱ 600.00 – ₱ 1,200.00
Roasted Suckling Pig 2₱ 1,900.00 – ₱ 3,800.00
Roasted Suckling Pig 3₱ 2,250.00 – ₱ 4,500.00
BBQ Meat Combination 1₱ 660.00 – ₱ 1,320.00
BBQ Meat Combination₱ 880.00 – ₱ 1,760.00


Deep Fried Fish Cakes w/ Shrimp Paste₱ 480.00 – ₱ 960.00
Braised Stuffed Beancurd w/ Soya Bean₱ 500.00 – ₱ 1,040.00
Steamed Eggwhite w/ Assorted Seafood₱ 520.00 – ₱ 1,040.00
Wok Fried Lamb & Fish Fillet w/ Bean Sauce₱ 550.00 – ₱ 1,100.00
Egg Omelette w/ Minced Pork & Bitter Melon₱ 460.00 – ₱ 920.00
Stewed Seasonal Vegetables w/ Abalone Mushroom₱ 480.00 – ₱ 960.00
Savory Steamed Minced Pork w/ Shrimps & Taro₱ 460.00 – ₱ 920.00
Sizzling Sliced Lamb w/ Spring Onion₱ 530.00 – ₱ 1,060.00
Deep Fried Diced Taiwan Pechay w/ Shrimp Paste₱ 480.00 – ₱ 960.00
Scrambled Egg White w/ Minced Fish & Dried Scallop₱ 600.00 – ₱ 1,200.00
Deep Fried Peppercorn Cuttlefish₱ 600.00 – ₱ 1,200.00
Sizzling Chicken in Hong Kong Style₱ 690.00 – ₱ 1,380.00


Chilled Mango Sago₱ 138.00
Chilled Taro Sago₱ 138.00
Chilled Avocado Sago₱ 138.00
Snow Balls₱ 138.00
Mango A La Mode₱ 278.00
Fresh Fruit Platter₱ 720.00
Hot Sweetened Almond Pure w/ Dumpling₱ 208.00
Sesame Balls₱ 1,884.00
Mango Pudding₱ 138.00
Hot Soya Bean Custard w/ Ginger Syrup₱ 118.00
Hot Taro w/ Sago₱ 148.00
Grass Jelly Fruit Cocktail₱ 128.00
Hot Purple Ric w/ Sago in Coconut Milk₱ 148.00
Ice Cream₱ 118.00
Mango Jubilee₱ 448.00
Banana Sundae₱ 198.00


Apple₱ 168.00
Banana₱ 168.00
Buko Juice₱ 168.00
Carrot₱ 168.00
Cucumber Lemon₱ 188.00
Buko Shake₱ 188.00
Honey Dew₱ 168.00
Mango₱ 168.00
Lemonade₱ 158.00
Melon₱ 168.00
Pineapple₱ 168.00
Watermelon₱ 168.00


Certainly! Here are the top-selling menu items at Jade Garden Philippines, highlighted with brief descriptions:

  • Adobo Supreme: Indulge in the classic Filipino favorite, Adobo Supreme, where tender pieces of chicken or pork are marinated in a flavorful blend of soy sauce, vinegar, and aromatic spices. Slow-cooked to perfection, this dish offers a harmonious balance of savory and tangy flavors, making it a beloved choice among our patrons.
  • Seafood Fiesta: Dive into the bountiful flavors of the sea with our Seafood Fiesta, a delightful medley of fresh fish, succulent shrimp, and tender squid, expertly cooked in a zesty tomato-based sauce. Served with steamed rice, this dish captures the essence of coastal cuisine, delivering a taste of the ocean with every bite.
  • Halo-Halo Delight: Beat the tropical heat with our refreshing Halo-Halo Delight, a colorful dessert that translates to “mix-mix.” This iconic Filipino treat features a delightful blend of shaved ice, assorted sweet beans, jellies, and fruits, topped with creamy leche flan and a scoop of ube (purple yam) ice cream. It’s a symphony of textures and flavors, offering a sweet and satisfying end to your meal.
  • Crispy Pata Extravaganza: Experience the ultimate indulgence with our Crispy Pata Extravaganza, a show-stopping dish where a whole pork leg is marinated, deep-fried to golden perfection, and served with a side of liver sauce. The result is a crispy, flavorful exterior giving way to tender and succulent meat inside. It’s a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

These top-selling menu items at Jade Garden Philippines are crafted with passion and expertise, ensuring a culinary journey that captures the essence of authentic Filipino cuisine. Enjoy these dishes that reflect the diverse and vibrant flavors of the Philippines.


  • Jin Joo: Experience the taste of the tropics at Jin Joo Menu, where fresh green mangoes are expertly grilled and served with spicy bagoong (fermented shrimp paste), creating a mouthwatering blend of sweet and savory flavors.
  • Sinigang Sa Sampalok Corner: Delight in the tangy goodness of Sinigang, a Filipino sour soup, at Sinigang Sa Sampalok Corner. Their signature tamarind-based broth, combined with tender meat, vegetables, and native herbs, offers a comforting and flavorful dining experience.
  • Adobong Manok at Baboy Haus: Indulge in the heartwarming flavors of Adobo at Adobong Manok at Baboy Haus. Their traditional Filipino stew features tender chicken and pork, marinated in a rich blend of soy sauce, vinegar, and spices, resulting in a savory dish that embodies Filipino home-cooked comfort.
  • Lutong Bahay Express: Discover the taste of home-cooked Filipino meals at Lutong Bahay Express, where each dish is prepared with love and authenticity. From crispy lechon kawali to creamy laing, their menu offers a diverse selection of regional favorites that will satisfy your cravings for genuine Filipino flavors.
  • Goodah: Immerse yourself in a rustic dining experience at Goodah Menu, a restaurant inspired by traditional Filipino nipa huts. Enjoy hearty servings of Kare-Kare, a Filipino stew made with oxtail, vegetables, and peanut sauce, served alongside bagoong, providing a blend of textures and tastes that define Filipino culinary heritage.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • Jade Garden Makati: Located in the heart of Makati, this branch offers a convenient dining option for locals and visitors exploring the bustling city.
  • Jade Garden Quezon City: Situated in Quezon City, this branch caters to the culinary preferences of residents and travelers in this vibrant urban area.
  • Jade Garden Cebu: For those in the Visayas region, the Cebu branch of Jade Garden provides an opportunity to savor authentic Filipino cuisine.
  • Jade Garden Davao: Located in Davao City, this branch brings the flavors of Jade Garden to the southern part of the Philippines.
  • Jade Garden Baguio: In the scenic city of Baguio, Jade Garden offers a unique dining experience in the cool climate of the mountainous region.
  • Jade Garden Boracay: On the stunning island of Boracay, this branch allows visitors to enjoy Filipino dishes in a tropical paradise.
  • Jade Garden Palawan: In Palawan, known for its natural beauty, you can find a Jade Garden branch offering delectable Filipino cuisine.
  • Jade Garden Subic: Located in Subic Bay, this branch caters to both locals and tourists in the area.
  • Jade Garden – Ayala Center, 2nd Level, Glorietta 2, Palm Dr. cor. West Dr, Palm Dr, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
  • Jade Garden Compound – J24Q+QW3, Ortigas Ave, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila
  • Jade Garden Resto & Grill – CWC7+C2X, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental


  • Contact: (02) 8843 1361
  • Contact: 0945 339 4417
  • Contact: +632 7955-1808
  • Contact: +632 7955-1728
  • Contact: +63 956 459-1663


Certainly! Careers at Jade Garden offer diverse opportunities within the restaurant industry. Here are a few job titles along with brief explanations:

  • Chef de Cuisine: As a Chef de Cuisine at Jade Garden, you’ll oversee the kitchen operations, create innovative and authentic Filipino dishes, manage kitchen staff, and ensure the quality and consistency of the restaurant’s menu offerings. Your culinary expertise and leadership skills will play a pivotal role in maintaining the restaurant’s reputation for exceptional food.
  • Waitstaff: Waitstaff members at Jade Garden are responsible for providing excellent customer service, taking orders, serving food and beverages, and ensuring a positive dining experience for guests. With a friendly demeanor and strong communication skills, waitstaff contribute significantly to the overall customer satisfaction and ambiance of the restaurant.
  • Sous Chef: As a Sous Chef, you’ll work closely with the Chef de Cuisine, assisting in menu planning, supervising kitchen staff, and ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the kitchen. Your role involves culinary creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to lead a team, contributing to the restaurant’s culinary success.
  • Restaurant Manager: Restaurant Managers at Jade Garden oversee the overall restaurant operations, including staffing, budgeting, customer service, and marketing initiatives. They ensure the restaurant runs efficiently, maintains high standards of service, and meets financial goals, making strategic decisions to enhance the restaurant’s performance and reputation.
  • Bartender: Jade Garden’s Bartenders are skilled mixologists responsible for crafting a variety of beverages, including signature cocktails and traditional Filipino drinks. They engage with customers, recommend drinks, and create a welcoming bar atmosphere. Bartenders contribute to the restaurant’s ambiance and customer satisfaction through their expertise in beverage preparation and customer interaction.

These roles at Jade Garden provide individuals with opportunities to excel in their respective areas of expertise, contribute to the restaurant’s success, and build fulfilling careers within the hospitality and culinary industry.


Certainly! Jade Garden offers a range of discount coupons and promotions to enhance the dining experience for its customers. Here are some points describing the discount coupons at the restaurant:

  • Membership Discounts: Jade Garden provides exclusive discount coupons to its loyal customers who become members of their loyalty program. These coupons often offer discounts on specific menu items or entire meals, encouraging repeat visits and rewarding customer loyalty.
  • Special Occasion Discounts: During festive seasons, holidays, or special occasions, Jade Garden offers limited-time discount coupons to celebrate with its customers. These coupons can include discounts on buffet meals, complimentary desserts, or special set menus, adding value to customers’ dining experiences during these events.
  • Online and App Discounts: Jade Garden often promotes its online ordering system or mobile app by offering discounts to customers who place orders through these platforms. Online-exclusive coupons can include discounts on takeout orders, free delivery, or complimentary items, making it convenient and cost-effective for customers to enjoy their favorite dishes from the comfort of their homes.
  • Combo Meal Discounts: Jade Garden offers discount coupons on combo meals, allowing customers to enjoy a complete dining experience at a reduced price. These coupons typically include a main dish, side, and beverage, providing a well-rounded meal option at a more affordable rate.
  • Referral Discounts: Jade Garden encourages customers to refer their friends and family by offering referral discount coupons. When existing customers refer new patrons, both the referrer and the new customer can receive discounts on their meals, creating a win-win situation and expanding the restaurant’s customer base.

By providing these discount coupons, Jade Garden aims to make dining at their restaurant more accessible and enjoyable for a wider range of customers. These promotions not only attract new patrons but also foster customer loyalty, creating a positive dining experience while offering valuable savings.


A: Jade Garden specializes in authentic Filipino cuisine. Our menu features a wide range of traditional Filipino dishes, expertly prepared with the finest ingredients and culinary expertise, offering a true taste of the Philippines.

A: Yes, Jade Garden caters to various dietary preferences. We offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes crafted with the same dedication to flavors and quality. Our menu includes diverse options to accommodate different dietary needs and preferences.

A: While reservations are not mandatory, we recommend making a reservation, especially during peak hours or for larger groups. Reserving a table ensures that you have a seamless dining experience, and our staff will be ready to accommodate your party upon arrival.

A: Yes, Jade Garden provides catering services for events and special occasions. Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering, a wedding, or a family celebration, our catering team can create customized menus tailored to your preferences, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for your guests.

A: Absolutely! Jade Garden values its customers and offers exclusive promotions and a loyalty program. By becoming a member of our loyalty program, you can enjoy special discounts, receive member-only offers, and earn rewards for your continued patronage, enhancing your overall dining experience with us.


NO: Jade Garden Philippines is not Halal certified.

All the images and prices from the following official sources of Jade Garden Philippines.

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