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Discover Exquisite Flavors at Jin Joo Menu in the Philippines

Indulge your taste buds in a culinary adventure at Jin Joo, where gastronomy meets innovation. Our carefully crafted menu in the Philippines invites you into a world of bold flavors and creative fusion. From sizzling Bulgogi to tantalizing Kimchi, every dish is a masterpiece, meticulously prepared to satisfy your cravings. Dive into the heart of Korean cuisine with our diverse selection of delectable dishes, each bursting with authentic taste and vibrant colors. At Jin Joo, we blend tradition with a modern twist, ensuring a delightful dining experience that leaves you craving for more.

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Savor Every Bite with Jin Joo’s Signature Creations

At Jin Joo, we take pride in our signature creations that redefine the art of dining. Our menu in the Philippines showcases a symphony of tastes, from the spicy kick of Tteokbokki to the comforting warmth of Japchae. Each dish is a celebration of premium ingredients and culinary expertise, promising a sensory journey that lingers on your palate. Whether you’re a fan of crispy Korean Fried Chicken or prefer the subtle elegance of Bibimbap, our diverse offerings cater to every palate. Experience the perfect blend of flavors, textures, and aromas meticulously curated to elevate your dining experience. Jin Joo invites you to savor every bite, forging memories one dish at a time, making your culinary adventure truly unforgettable.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap₱ 420.00
Beef Bulgogi Bokkeumbap₱ 380.00
Chicken Bibimbap₱ 350.00
Dolsot Haemul Bokkeumbap₱ 380.00
Dolsot Kimchi Bibimbap₱ 360.00
Grilled Pork Bibimbap₱ 380.00
Mushroom Tofu Bibimbap₱ 330.00
Spicy Seafood Bibimbap₱ 450.00


Set 1: Korean Meat Duo₱ 1290.00
Set 2: Korean Meat Overload₱ 1790.00
Set 3: Jin Joo Favorites₱ 2770.00
Set 4: Jin Joo Premium₱ 3190.00


Jin Joo’s 8 Flavors₱ 1560.00


Chadolbaegi₱ 550.00
Dak Galbi₱ 350.00
Galbi Bon Sal₱ 950.00
Kotsal₱ 1100.00
LA Galbi₱ 950.00
Samgyeopsal₱ 390.00
Wusamgyeop₱ 550.00
Yangnyeom Galbi₱ 900.00


Beef Bulgogi₱ 390.00
Cheese Deung Galbi₱ 950.00
Fire Cheese Chicken₱ 890.00
Galbi Jjim₱ 490.00
Godeungeo-Gui₱ 690.00
Gun Mandu₱ 390.00
Haemul Pajeon₱ 395.00
Jeyukk Bokkeum₱ 390.00
Jin Joo’s Wings₱ 390.00
Ojingeo Bokkeum₱ 410.00
Rabokki₱ 320.00


Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)₱ 960.00
Bulgogi Jeongol₱ 940.00
Doenjang Jjigae₱ 380.00
Galbi Tang₱ 490.00
Japchae₱ 390.00
Kimchi Jjigae₱ 365.00
Seng Bulgogi₱ 1290.00
Sundubu Jjigae₱ 385.00


Beef Shrimp Roll₱ 340.00
Fresh Seafood Platter₱ 790.00
Nori Nachos with Pulled Pork₱ 340.00
Spicy Pork Kimari₱ 320.00
Squid Ink Japchae₱ 380.00
Tempura Basket₱ 390.00


Berry Dalandan₱ 165.00
Citrus Calamansi₱ 165.00
Guyabano Delight₱ 165.00


Blueberry (Soju)₱ 280.00
Chamisul (Soju)₱ 260.00
Chum Churum (Original)₱ 280.00
Coke₱ 90.00
Coke Zero₱ 90.00
Dalandan₱ 120.00
Grapefruit (Soju)₱ 280.00
Iced Tea₱ 120.00
Peach (Soju)₱ 280.00
Royal₱ 90.00
Sprite₱ 90.00


Certainly! Here are some of the top-selling menu items at “Jin Joo” Philippines, presented in bullet points with brief descriptions:

  • Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl: Succulent slices of marinated beef, stir-fried to perfection and served over a bed of steamed rice. The Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl is a harmonious blend of sweet and savory flavors, making it a customer favorite.
  • Kimchi Pancake: Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, our Kimchi Pancake is a delightful appetizer infused with the bold flavors of kimchi and various spices. It’s a perfect balance of textures, creating a satisfying culinary experience.
  • Spicy Tofu Soup (Soon Tofu): A steaming bowl of comfort, our Spicy Tofu Soup features soft tofu cubes, vegetables, and a spicy broth that warms your soul. This hearty soup is a go-to choice for spice enthusiasts and those seeking a wholesome, flavorful meal.
  • Korean Fried Chicken: Crispy, golden-brown chicken pieces coated in a mouthwatering sauce, our Korean Fried Chicken is an explosion of taste and texture. Whether you prefer it sweet, spicy, or both, this dish offers a delightful contrast of crunchy exterior and juicy, tender meat.
  • Bibimbap Bowl: A colorful and nutritious ensemble, the Bibimbap Bowl combines assorted vegetables, marinated meat, a perfectly fried egg, and flavorful sauces, all served over a bowl of rice. Mix it all together to enjoy a harmonious blend of tastes and textures in every spoonful.
  • These top-selling menu items at “Jin Joo” Philippines offer a diverse culinary experience, showcasing the rich and authentic flavors of Korean cuisine. Each dish is carefully crafted to provide a memorable dining adventure for our valued customers.


Certainly! Here are some alternative restaurants in the Philippines, each with a brief description:

  • Goodah: Experience the sizzle of Korean barbecue at Goodah Menu, where diners grill their favorite meats right at their tables. With a variety of marinated options and fresh sides, it’s a perfect spot for interactive dining and flavorful Korean dishes.
  • Seoul Kitchen: Seoul Kitchen offers a modern twist to traditional Korean cuisine, featuring inventive dishes like Korean-style tacos and bibimbap bowls with unique ingredient combinations. Their fusion menu caters to adventurous food lovers seeking innovative flavors from the heart of Seoul.
  • Gochu-Gang: Gochu-Gang specializes in fiery Korean hot pots, where diners can customize their spice levels and ingredients. From rich broths to an array of fresh seafood and vegetables, it’s a haven for those craving the authentic warmth and bold flavors of Korean stews.
  • BibimBowl Bistro: BibimBowl Bistro is known for its customizable bibimbap bowls, allowing patrons to create their own vibrant, healthy meals. With an array of fresh ingredients, savory sauces, and crunchy toppings, diners can craft their personalized Korean culinary masterpieces.
  • Jade Garden: Jade Garden Menu is a haven indeed for kimchi enthusiasts, offering a diverse menu where kimchi takes the spotlight. From kimchi pancakes to spicy kimchi stews, the restaurant showcases the versatility of this iconic Korean dish, enticing guests with its tangy and bold flavors.


Locations And Contact

Sure! Here are some different locations of This Restaurant in Philippines :

  • Jin Joo Bonifacio High Street: Located in the vibrant Bonifacio High Street area, this Jin Joo restaurant offers a bustling urban atmosphere and a diverse menu of Korean delights.
  • Jin Joo Alabang: Situated in Alabang, this Jin Joo branch brings the bold flavors of Korean cuisine to the southern part of Metro Manila, offering a culinary journey to remember.
  • Jin Joo Eastwood: Nestled in the heart of Eastwood City, Jin Joo Eastwood provides a convenient dining option for those exploring the bustling commercial and entertainment district.
  • Jin Joo SM Mall of Asia: For a taste of Korean excellence while shopping and enjoying the sights at SM Mall of Asia, this Jin Joo location offers a delightful dining experience.
  • Jin Joo Ayala Malls Vertis North: Located in Ayala Malls Vertis North, this Jin Joo branch invites diners to relish Korean flavors in the midst of a thriving shopping and entertainment hub.
  • Jin Joo SM Aura Premier: Situated in SM Aura Premier, this Jin Joo restaurant lets you savor Korean culinary delights in the midst of one of Manila’s premier shopping destinations.
  • Jin Joo Korean Grill – Makati, Metro Manila
  • Jin Joo Korean Grill – SM Aura Premier – 5/F Sky Garden, SM Aura, Taguig, Metro Manila
  • Jin Joo Korean Grill – The Podium, Second Floor, ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila


  • Contact: 0915 181 3929
  • Contact: 0917 248 1777
  • Contact: 0917 255 5508
  • Contact: 0917 255 5578
  • Contact: (0915) 209-1888


Certainly! Here are explanations for different job titles in a restaurant like Jin Joo:

  • Chef de Cuisine: As the Chef de Cuisine at Jin Joo, you’ll be the culinary maestro, orchestrating the kitchen operations. Your responsibilities include menu creation, recipe development, and ensuring the consistent quality of dishes to delight our customers.
  • Sous Chef: The Sous Chef at Jin Joo plays a pivotal role, assisting the Chef de Cuisine in managing the kitchen. From supervising kitchen staff to overseeing food preparation, your attention to detail ensures a seamless and efficient culinary experience.
  • Front-of-House Manager: As the Front-of-House Manager, you are the face of Jin Joo, responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Your duties include managing reservations, coordinating with the kitchen, and ensuring excellent customer service from the moment guests enter until they leave satisfied.
  • Server: Servers at Jin Joo are the ambassadors of our hospitality, guiding guests through the menu and delivering an exceptional dining experience. With a friendly demeanor and knowledge of our offerings, you contribute to the overall satisfaction of our customers.
  • Bartender: Crafting unique and flavorful beverages, the Bartender at Jin Joo adds a touch of creativity to our dining experience. From mixing cocktails to recommending pairings, your expertise enhances the overall enjoyment of our guests.
  • Line Cook: As a Line Cook, you are the backbone of the kitchen, responsible for preparing and assembling dishes with precision. Your efficiency and attention to recipe details contribute to the consistency and quality of the culinary offerings at Jin Joo.
  • Dishwasher: Behind the scenes, the Dishwasher plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen. Your diligent work ensures a smooth flow of operations and contributes to the overall hygiene standards of Jin Joo.
  • Host/Hostess: The Host/Hostess at Jin Joo sets the tone for our guests’ experience, managing reservations and seating arrangements with a friendly demeanor. Your organizational skills and warm welcome create a positive first impression for every visitor.

Working at Jin Joo offers a dynamic environment where each role contributes to the overall success of the restaurant and the satisfaction of our valued customers.


Certainly! Here are some points describing the discount coupons at Jin Joo:

  • Membership Discounts: Earn exclusive discounts by becoming a Jin Joo member. Members receive special offers, early access to promotions, and tailored discounts based on their loyalty to enhance their dining experience.
  • Online Promo Codes: Keep an eye on Jin Joo’s online platforms for exclusive promo codes. These codes can be entered during online ordering or presented at the restaurant for discounts, providing a cost-effective way to enjoy our delicious Korean cuisine.
  • Happy Hour Specials: Jin Joo offers Happy Hour discounts on selected menu items during specific times. Whether it’s after work or a weekend gathering, patrons can enjoy delightful savings on their favorite dishes and beverages.
  • Birthday Discounts: Celebrate your special day at Jin Joo, where birthday celebrants can enjoy exclusive discounts. Simply present valid identification, and let us make your birthday meal memorable with savings and delicious surprises.
  • Combo Meal Deals: Opt for combo meal deals that offer a bundled selection of popular dishes at a discounted price. Perfect for sharing with friends or family, these packages provide a diverse culinary experience while keeping your budget in mind.
  • Student and Senior Discounts: Jin Joo values students and seniors, offering special discounts for those with valid identification. Enjoy the vibrant flavors of Korean cuisine at a more affordable price, making it accessible to a broader range of diners.
  • Newsletter Subscriptions: Stay informed about the latest discounts and promotions by subscribing to Jin Joo’s newsletter. Receive regular updates on upcoming events, seasonal offers, and exclusive coupons directly to your inbox, ensuring you never miss out on savings.

These discount options at Jin Joo are designed to cater to a diverse range of customers, providing them with the opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Korean cuisine while enjoying valuable savings and promotions.


Jin Joo specializes in authentic Korean cuisine, offering a diverse menu that includes classic dishes like Bibimbap and Korean BBQ, as well as innovative creations that showcase the rich flavors of Korean gastronomy.

While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend making a reservation, especially during peak hours, to ensure a seamless dining experience. Reservations can be made online through our website or by contacting our restaurant directly.

Yes, Jin Joo offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Our menu includes plant-based dishes that are thoughtfully crafted to cater to different dietary preferences. Look for the “V” or “VG” symbols on the menu for vegetarian and vegan choices.

At Jin Joo, the safety and well-being of our guests and staff are our top priorities. We adhere to strict hygiene and sanitation standards, and we have implemented measures such as contactless menus, spaced-out seating, and regular disinfection to ensure a safe dining environment.

Yes, Jin Joo provides catering services for special events and private gatherings. Whether it’s a corporate function or a celebration with friends and family, our team can customize a menu to suit your needs. For more information, please contact our events coordinator.


NO. Jin Joo Philippines is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices from the following official sources of Jin Joo Philippines.

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