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In the heart of Filipino culinary delights, the Tapsilog menu stands out as a delectable fusion of flavors that captivates taste buds with every bite. Originating in the Philippines, Tapsilog is a delightful combination of tapa (marinated beef), sinangag (garlic fried rice), and itlog (fried egg). This iconic dish has become a breakfast staple, captivating locals and visitors alike with its savory charm.

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The secret to the Tapsilog’s success lies in the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and garlicky notes. Succulent strips of marinated beef, caramelized to perfection, dance on the palate alongside fragrant garlic-infused rice. The symphony of flavors is crowned by a golden, runny egg yolk that adds a creamy richness to each mouthful. Whether enjoyed on a bustling street corner or in the cozy ambiance of a Filipino eatery, Tapsilog embodies the essence of Filipino comfort food. As the sun rises over the archipelago, locals start their day with this culinary masterpiece, savoring the unique blend of tastes that make Tapsilog a true breakfast delight.


Here are all the updated prices according to different food categories of this restaurant:


Classic Tapa₱ 95.00
Sweet & Spicy₱ 95.00
Pinoy Tapa₱ 95.00
Angus Tapa₱ 100.00


Longsilog₱ 90.00
Hungarian Silog₱ 90.00
Pork Silog₱ 95.00
Tocilog₱ 90.00
Hot Silog₱ 90.00
Baconsilog₱ 90.00
Corn Silog₱ 90.00
Bang Silog₱ 95.00
Burger Silog₱ 90.0


Chicken Tenders₱ 100.00
Lucban₱ 100.00
Bagnet₱ 100.00
Spam₱ 115.00


Pork Sisis₱ 110.00
Sizzling Liempo₱ 110.00
Sizzling Tapa₱ 110.00
Sizzling Caldereta₱ 110.00
Sizzling Porkchop₱ 110.00
Sizzling T-Bone₱ 150.00
Bangus Belly₱ 130.00
Sizzling Bistek Pilipono₱ 110.00


Batangas Bulalo Soup₱ 150.00


  • Classic Tapsilog:
  • A timeless Filipino breakfast favorite, the Classic Tapsilog is a symphony of flavors. Tender slices of marinated beef (tapa) are expertly grilled to perfection, offering a succulent and savory experience. Paired with fragrant garlic fried rice (sinangag) and a perfectly fried egg (itlog), this dish is the epitome of a hearty and satisfying morning meal.
  • Tocino Tapsilog:
  • For those craving a touch of sweetness in their breakfast, the Tocino Tapsilog is a must-try. The marinated pork tocino adds a delightful sweet and savory twist to the traditional tapsilog combination. Complemented by the aromatic garlic fried rice and a sunny-side-up egg, this variant offers a harmonious blend of flavors that caters to diverse taste preferences.
  • Longganisa Tapsilog:
  • Exploring regional flavors, the Longganisa Tapsilog showcases the Philippines’ diverse culinary landscape. Featuring native Filipino sausage (longganisa), this tapsilog variation brings a burst of garlic and native spices to the plate. Served with sinangag and a fried egg, it’s a delicious journey into the rich tapestry of Filipino breakfast traditions.
  • Adobo Flakes Tapsilog:
  • Putting a creative spin on a classic, the Adobo Flakes Tapsilog introduces the beloved adobo flavor to breakfast. Shredded adobo-infused meat adds a savory kick to the ensemble, complemented by the familiar garlic fried rice and a perfectly cooked egg. It’s a delightful fusion that pays homage to the Philippines’ iconic adobo, reimagined for the morning palate.

These bold and flavorful Tapsilog variations capture the essence of Filipino breakfast, offering a diverse range of tastes to satisfy every discerning diner.


  • Sarsa:
  • Dive into the comforting embrace of Sarsa Menu, where the sour tamarind broth of sinigang takes center stage, accompanied by an array of fresh vegetables and your choice of meat, creating a symphony of sour and savory delights.
  • Adobo Alcove:
  • Adobo Alcove invites diners to savor the national dish, adobo, prepared with a twist. From chicken to pork, each adobo rendition promises a perfect balance of soy sauce, vinegar, and local spices, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.
  • Lugaw Lounge:
  • At Lugaw Lounge, simplicity meets satisfaction with their signature lugaw, a rice porridge adorned with a variety of toppings such as crispy garlic, scallions, and a choice of meats, providing warmth and comfort in every spoonful.
  • Kare-Kare Corner:
  • Indulge in the rich and creamy world of Kare-Kare Corner, where oxtail and tripe are slow-cooked in a peanut-based sauce, creating a velvety stew served with bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) on the side, delivering a distinctive Filipino flavor.
  • Goto Tendon:
  • Goto Tendon Menu celebrates the national fish, bangus (milkfish), offering innovative dishes such as grilled bangus belly, crispy bangus sisig, and sinigang na bangus, showcasing the versatility of this beloved seafood in Filipino cuisine.


Locations And Contact

  • Manila Tapsilog Haven:
  • Immerse yourself in the heart of the capital city’s culinary scene with our classic tapsilog, capturing the essence of Filipino breakfast in every bite.
  • Cebu Tapsilog Corner:
  • Experience the unique flavors of Cebu through our Tapsilog variations, where local ingredients and culinary traditions come together for a delightful breakfast adventure.
  • Davao Tapsilog Delight:
  • Discover the rich cultural tapestry of Davao with our diverse Tapsilog menu, featuring regional twists on the beloved combination of tapa, sinangag, and itlog.
  • Baguio Tapsilog Retreat:
  • Amidst the cool mountain breeze, savor the warmth of our Baguio Tapsilog offerings, carefully crafted to provide a satisfying and flavorful start to your day.
  • Iloilo Tapsilog Junction:
  • At Tapsilog Junction in Iloilo, embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the region’s gastronomic heritage, offering a taste of authentic Ilonggo breakfast traditions.
  • Jasper’s Tapsilog And Restaurant – Malay, Aklan
  • Aling Lucy`s Pansiterya Tapsilog – 401 Alabang–Zapote Rd, Las Piñas, 1747 Metro Manila
  • Aling Lucy`s Panciteria Tapsilog – CAA Branch – 888 CAA Rd, Las Piñas, 1747 Metro Manila


  • Contact: (036) 288 3435
  • Contact: (02) 8874 4926
  • Contact: 0960 293 1623
  • Contact: +63 919 373 3794


  • Head Chef at Manila Tapsilog Haven:
  • As the Head Chef, you’ll lead our culinary team in crafting and perfecting the signature tapsilog dishes, ensuring each plate reflects the quality and authenticity that defines our establishment. Your creativity and expertise will shape the culinary identity of Manila Tapsilog Haven.
  • Cebu Tapsilog Corner Marketing Manager:
  • As the Marketing Manager at Cebu Tapsilog Corner, you’ll drive brand awareness and customer engagement through innovative campaigns and promotions. Your strategic approach will contribute to the success and popularity of our Tapsilog offerings in the vibrant city of Cebu.
  • Davao Tapsilog Delight Operations Supervisor:
  • As the Operations Supervisor in Davao, you’ll oversee the day-to-day activities, ensuring efficient service and maintaining the high standards of Tapsilog Delight. Your leadership will play a pivotal role in creating a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for our patrons.
  • Baguio Tapsilog Retreat Front-of-House Manager:
  • As the Front-of-House Manager in Baguio, you’ll manage the customer-facing aspects of Tapsilog Retreat, including service quality, staff training, and customer satisfaction. Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence will contribute to the welcoming ambiance of our Baguio location.
  • Iloilo Tapsilog Junction Head Waiter/Waitress:
  • Joining Tapsilog Junction in Iloilo as the Head Waiter/Waitress, you’ll lead the front-of-house team, ensuring exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Your friendly demeanor and organizational skills will contribute to the overall positive dining experience for our guests in Iloilo.


  • Manila Tapsilog Haven Loyalty Program:
  • Join our Loyalty Program in Manila Tapsilog Haven and earn points for every visit. Redeem accumulated points for enticing discount coupons, making each meal a rewarding and flavorful experience for our valued patrons.
  • Cebu Tapsilog Corner Happy Hour Specials:
  • Explore Cebu Tapsilog Corner’s Happy Hour specials for exclusive discount coupons on select tapsilog variations during specific hours. Savor the savings and delight in the diverse flavors of Cebu at a more affordable price.
  • Davao Tapsilog Delight Student Discounts:
  • Davao Tapsilog Delight values students with special discount coupons. Present your student ID to enjoy savings on our delectable tapsilog dishes, providing a budget-friendly and delicious dining experience for students in Davao.
  • Baguio Tapsilog Retreat Family Bundle Coupons:
  • Families in Baguio can enjoy special discounts with our Family Bundle Coupons at Tapsilog Retreat. Indulge in the goodness of tapsilog together with loved ones, and take advantage of savings that make family meals memorable and affordable.
  • Iloilo Tapsilog Junction Online Ordering Perks:
  • Embrace the convenience of online ordering at Iloilo Tapsilog Junction and unlock exclusive discount coupons. Whether ordering for delivery or takeout, our online perks ensure that you enjoy the flavors of Tapsilog Junction with added savings.


A: Manila Tapsilog Haven prides itself on the authenticity of its tapsilog, featuring a perfect blend of marinated beef, garlic-fried rice, and a fried egg. The unique flavors and meticulous preparation set our tapsilog apart for an exceptional dining experience.

A: Joining the loyalty program at Cebu Tapsilog Corner is simple! Ask our staff for a loyalty card during your visit, and start earning points for exciting rewards and discount coupons on your favorite tapsilog dishes.

A: Yes, Davao Tapsilog Delight offers vegetarian-friendly tapsilog options. Our diverse menu ensures that everyone, including vegetarians, can enjoy the delicious flavors and hearty satisfaction of tapsilog.

A: Absolutely! Baguio Tapsilog Retreat welcomes reservations. Contact our team via phone or online to secure a table and enjoy the cozy ambiance while relishing our delightful tapsilog creations.

A: To enjoy online ordering perks at Iloilo Tapsilog Junction, simply place your order through our official website or mobile app. Look out for exclusive discounts and promotions available for online orders, making your Tapsilog Junction experience both convenient and cost-effective.


NO. Tapsilog Philippines is Not Halal Certified.

Images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Tapsilog Philippines.

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